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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. M. Lenormand de Mézy’s second wife is devout in what faith?
(a) Judaism
(b) Catholicism
(c) Buddhism
(d) Islam

2. Where do the slaves and masters gather in the opening of Part One: Chapter VIII?
(a) Legba
(b) The Domingo
(c) The Cap
(d) Corsica

3. What do the plantation owners begin to do when they hear the slaves singing the sorrow of their plight at the celebration in Part One: Chapter VII?
(a) Set buildings on fire
(b) Gather weapons
(c) Lock their doors
(d) Set the animals free

4. What is Macandal’s arm removed with in Part One: Chapter II?
(a) A cleaver
(b) A machete
(c) A saw
(d) A sickle

5. What is the name of the laundress that the plantation owner takes to bed in Part One: Chapter VII?
(a) Athenais
(b) Corneille Breille
(c) Marientte
(d) Amethyste

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Macandal doing when his arm becomes caught in a machine in Part One: Chapter II?

2. The slaves’ rebellion is planned to take place how many days in the future in the end of Part Two: Chapter II?

3. Slaves that come from the region where Macandal originated are reputed to be what?

4. What is the title of Part One: Chapter VI?

5. After Macandal’s disappearance in Part One: Chapter IV, Ti Noël spends most of his time doing what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where and when is the burning of Macandal set to take place in Part One: Chapter VIII? How is the scene described?

2. What does Governor Blancheland want to do in response to the revolt in Part Two: Chapter IV?

3. Who brings Ti Noël a message from Macandal in Part One: Chapter IV? Where does Ti Noël go to find Macandal?

4. How is Ti Noël described in Part One: Chapter I? Where is he doing with his master in this chapter?

5. What job is Macandal given in Part One: Chapter III? What observations does he make while working in the chapter?

6. How do M. Lenormand de Mézy and Governor Blancheland feel about the political climate in Part Two: Chapter III?

7. How is Macandal pinpointed as the cause for the poisoning epidemic in Part One: Chapter V?

8. What religious ceremony takes place in Part Two: Chapter II? How is it described?

9. What can Macandal’s missing arm be seen to symbolize in Part One: Chapter III?

10. What is the backlash of Macandal’s campaign of poisoning in Part One: Chapter V?

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