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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Part Two: Chapter II’s title?
(a) The Reckoning
(b) Saint Calamity
(c) The Solemn Pact
(d) The Portents

2. Where do the slaves and masters gather in the opening of Part One: Chapter VIII?
(a) Legba
(b) The Cap
(c) The Domingo
(d) Corsica

3. Part Two: Chapter III is titled “The Call of the” what?
(a) Saint Calamity
(b) Statues
(c) Conch Shells
(d) What the Hand Found

4. What does the plantation owner buy before he and Ti Noël head back to the plantation in Part One: Chapter I?
(a) A jar of honey
(b) A shark fin
(c) A dog
(d) A calf's head

5. Ti Noël is a slave on a plantation where in Part One: Chapter I?
(a) Brazil
(b) Havana
(c) Santo Domingo
(d) Corsica

6. M. Lenormand de Mézy takes his slaves where to sell them in the end of Part Two: Chapter IV?
(a) Mexico
(b) Trinidad
(c) Alabama
(d) Cuba

7. Ti Noël goes with Macandal to visit whom in Part One: Chapter III?
(a) Henri Christophe
(b) A Voodoo practitioner
(c) Ti's mother
(d) Macandal's sister

8. What is the first group affected (and killed) by the poisoning on the plantations in Part One: Chapter V?
(a) The slaves
(b) The royalty
(c) The plantation owners' families
(d) The animals

9. What is the name of the laundress that the plantation owner takes to bed in Part One: Chapter VII?
(a) Amethyste
(b) Athenais
(c) Corneille Breille
(d) Marientte

10. What is Part Two: Chapter IV’s title?
(a) Dagon Inside the Ark
(b) Statues
(c) De Profundis
(d) The Great Fight

11. What is Macandal doing when his arm becomes caught in a machine in Part One: Chapter II?
(a) Milling sugar
(b) Sawing lumber
(c) Juicing fruit
(d) Making sausage

12. Bouckman reveals that who has declared the slaves should be freed in Part Two: Chapter II?
(a) God Himself
(b) The French authorities in Europe
(c) The Pope
(d) The American President

13. Plaine du Nord is located in what region of the island where Ti Noël lives in Part One?
(a) The southeast
(b) The south
(c) The northeast
(d) The north

14. How many years have passed since Macandal’s capture in Part Two: Chapter I?
(a) 8
(b) 12
(c) 20
(d) 2

15. Ti Noël tells the plantation owner that the cows have died for what reason in the end of Part One: Chapter IV?
(a) The imported cows don’t know what poisonous vegetation to avoid
(b) The imported cows have been infected with yellow fever
(c) The local cows have an inherited disease
(d) The imported cows were poisoned before they arrived at the plantation

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the slaves believe will happen at the burning of Macandal in Part One: Chapter VIII?

2. The slaves believe that Macandal caused a woman to give birth to a baby with what in Part One: Chapter VI?

3. In Part Two: Chapter I, Ti Noël goes to the Cap to pick up what?

4. The name of Minos from the title of Part Two: Chapter I is a figure from what mythology?

5. Who brings Ti Noël a message from Macandal in Part One: Chapter IV?

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