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The Cap

This is the large city near the plantation where Ti Noël is a slave.

The Plantation of M. Lenormand de Mézy

This is the location where Ti Noël works as a slave harvesting sugar.

Plaine du Nord

This is the Northern flatlands on the Caribbean island where Ti Noël is a slave, in an area that will later become Haiti, on the island known at the time as Santo Domingo.

Sans Souci

This location is where the palace of Henri Christophe is. It is adorned with European elegance taken to a new level of intricacy.

Citadel La Ferriére

This is a vast fortress on a mountain peak built by King Henri Christophe using enslaved labor.

King Henri Christophe's Finger

This item is given to Queen Marie-Louise. She puts it down her shirt and later preserves it in brandy.

Venus of Canova

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