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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Rosicrucian Fellowship is _____________________---.
(a) a Christian scholarship
(b) a collection of cults
(c) one cult
(d) a Christian denomination

2. According to the teachings of the Worldwide Church of God, _____________________________.
(a) there is no Trinity
(b) mankind must save itself
(c) the concept of Trinity is the same as in orthodox Christianity
(d) the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are equal

3. The Rosicrucian cross ________________________________.
(a) is a symbol of man's evolutionary development
(b) symbolizes Christ
(c) symbolizes God
(d) has the same meaning as in orthodox Christianity

4. One of the major components of the plan proposed by Walter Martin is __________________.
(a) negotiating with the cults
(b) taking legal action against the cults
(c) ignoring the cults
(d) research

5. According to the Bible, __________________________________.
(a) Satan is the motivator of the cults
(b) there is no such thing as a misinterpretation
(c) the Bible can be interpreted in any way
(d) there are no references

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do New Age cultists practice consciousness altering?

2. Swedenborgism views the Trinity as _________________________.

3. The Hari Krishna cult was founded in _________________.

4. In Islam, Muhammad is ______________________.

5. According to the New Age, what separates man from God?

Short Essay Questions

1. From what does the New Age cult have its roots?

2. What is the New Testament position on evangelism?

3. What is the Shahada?

4. In Islam, who is Muhammed?

5. Is Seventh Day Adventism a cult or a legitimate denomination?

6. Why is the Church of the New Jerusalem influential in church circles?

7. What is the basic premise of Anglo-Israelite theory.

8. Which group is most attracted to the Unification Church?

9. What are Rosicrucian beliefs based on?

10. What is the purpose of the Divine Principle?

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