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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mary Baker Eddy believed she wrote under the guidance of _________________________.
(a) plagiarism
(b) divine authorship
(c) with the guidance of an angel
(d) her own views

2. Spiritism is __________________________.
(a) one of the oldest forms of religious cult
(b) not in existence anymore
(c) a relatively new cult
(d) is a melting pot of cults

3. What is a cult?
(a) A cult refers to people with similar beliefs
(b) A cult refers to a group of oddballs
(c) A cult refers to a religious group that differs significantly from other religious groups in some respects.
(d) A cult refers to a groups of people with different beliefs

4. The Bible warns against the teachings of _________________________.
(a) False prophets
(b) Pagans
(c) Heresy
(d) Cults

5. Scientology promises to help the follower achieve well being in all but one of the following areas:
(a) physical
(b) emotional
(c) mental
(d) spiritual

6. How many cult members are there in the United States?
(a) 20 million
(b) 10 million
(c) 50 million
(d) 1 million

7. The teachings of Scientology __________________________________.
(a) are based on Judeao teachings
(b) are contrary to orthodox Christian doctrine
(c) are the same as orthodox Christian doctrine
(d) there are no specific teachings

8. What is used to measure the veracity of cults?
(a) The intensity of the group beliefs
(b) The group values
(c) The authority of the Scriptures
(d) The scope of the group activities

9. The Watchtower uses term switching in regards to ________________________.
(a) The definition of God
(b) The definitions of the Trinity
(c) The definition of hell
(d) The definition of personal values

10. Unitarianism, compared to orthodox Christian practices, is _________________________.
(a) much more lax
(b) about the same
(c) stricter
(d) there are noen

11. Rutherford accused Christians of _______________________.
(a) Creating sects
(b) Ignorance
(c) Religious intolerance
(d) Heresy

12. Redefinition of terms is evident in the Gnostic cults of __________________.
(a) Judaism
(b) Christian Science
(c) Islam
(d) Catholicism

13. Christians and cultists should focus their attention on __________________________.
(a) Practices
(b) Definition of terms
(c) Values
(d) Biblical quotes

14. Why is it important to be knowledgeable about Christian doctrine?
(a) To be able to argue logically
(b) To be able to spot the flaws in the logic of cults
(c) To develop a value system
(d) To be better educated

15. Which of the following is not recognized by Dr. Rokeach as a level in a belief system?
(a) Authority
(b) Individual's outlook
(c) Structure of living
(d) Acceptance of doctrine

Short Answer Questions

1. The practice of indoctrination falls under which characteristic of a cult?

2. Which two countries and particularly known for their misnomers?

3. The Baha'i World Faith was founded in which country?

4. Who do Mormons consider to be Gentiles?

5. Isolationism is a ________________________.

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