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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the two advantages of the cultist regarding the use of redefinitions?
(a) Surprise and confusion
(b) Surprise and anger
(c) Surprise and logic
(d) Anger and confusion

2. The cult tries to present itself as ________________.
(a) Christian
(b) A new set of values
(c) An easier form of Christianity
(d) An alternative to Christianity

3. The Bible warns against the teachings of _________________________.
(a) Cults
(b) Heresy
(c) False prophets
(d) Pagans

4. What is the danger of contact with the Spirits?
(a) the participants may be damaged by the experience
(b) the contact is a hoax
(c) there is no way to contact the spirits
(d) the spirits may be demonic

5. The practice of indoctrination falls under which characteristic of a cult?
(a) Authority
(b) Personal motivation
(c) Outlook on the world
(d) Structure of living

6. The purpose of psychological conditioning is to ___________________________.
(a) Create fear
(b) Elicit a desired response
(c) Develop free thinking
(d) Develop emotional dependency

7. The Mormons encourage their young people to spend how many years doing missionary work?
(a) two years
(b) three years
(c) one year
(d) five years

8. Term switching is ____________________________.
(a) The most potent tool of cults
(b) Allows for dialogue betwen the cultist and the traditional Christian
(c) Has no function for the cultist
(d) The most potent tool of the traditional Christian

9. Which two countries and particularly known for their misnomers?
(a) Germany and Italy
(b) Germany and Japan
(c) Germany and China
(d) Russia and China

10. The new vocabulary has _______________________________________.
(a) Had no effect on the meaning of the Scriptures
(b) Enhanced the meanings of the Scriptures
(c) Resulted in no reinterpretation of the Scriptures
(d) Changed the meanings of traditional concepts in the Scriptures

11. Mormons believe in ___________________________.
(a) avoidance of caffeine
(b) avoidance of tobacco
(c) avoidance of alcohol
(d) all of the below

12. Who succeeded Russell as leader when Russell died?
(a) Russel's wife
(b) Reverend J.J. Ross
(c) Russel's son
(d) Judge J.F. Rutherford

13. Christian Scientists believe that hell is _________________________.
(a) the place where all non-members go
(b) a place of fire and brimstone
(c) a temporary holding place
(d) made by the sinner who does evil

14. The Watchtower uses term switching in regards to ________________________.
(a) The definitions of the Trinity
(b) The definition of God
(c) The definition of personal values
(d) The definition of hell

15. Why is it important to be knowledgeable about Christian doctrine?
(a) To be better educated
(b) To be able to argue logically
(c) To develop a value system
(d) To be able to spot the flaws in the logic of cults

Short Answer Questions

1. Scientology was founded by ____________________.

2. The founder of Scientology had been ____________________________.

3. What is used to measure the veracity of cults?

4. The Christian Science faith was founded by ______________________.

5. The teachings of Scientology __________________________________.

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