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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Mormons consider to be Gentiles?
(a) anyone under twenty-one years of age
(b) any non-Mormon
(c) non-Jews
(d) any non-Christian

2. What is used in the evaluation of cults?
(a) Common sense
(b) Dictionary
(c) The gospels of Christ
(d) Personal values

3. The Unitarian Universalist teaching borrows from all but _________________.
(a) Buddha
(b) Confucius
(c) Mohammed
(d) Shintoism

4. The founder of Scientology had been ____________________________.
(a) a successful science fiction writer
(b) a researcher
(c) a sicentist
(d) a doctor

5. Zen Buddhism is _______________________________.
(a) a major world religion
(b) the oldest form of cult activity
(c) the second oldest form of cult activity
(d) a relatively new cult

6. Scientology was founded by ____________________.
(a) Joseph Smith, Jr.
(b) Herbert W. Armstrong
(c) Faustus Socinos
(d) L. Ron Hubbard

7. Theorophy can best be described as ______________________.
(a) a form of science
(b) a form of Spiritism
(c) pantheistic
(d) a form of Buddhism

8. Unitarian dogmas began gaining popularity in which century?
(a) 15th
(b) 16th
(c) 19th
(d) 14th

9. Who is the founder of the Mormon faith?
(a) Spencer W. Kimball
(b) Brigham Young
(c) Joseph Smith, Jr.
(d) Charles Taze Russell

10. Jehovah's Witnesses ________________________________.
(a) Refuse to bear arms in defense of the nation
(b) Have no problems with supporting the war effort
(c) Don't believe in the use of medicines
(d) Believe in the equality of the Trinity

11. Cults ________________________________.
(a) Have the same practices
(b) Have the same beliefs
(c) Emphasize different concepts
(d) Are all Christian based

12. The Mormon Church ______________________________.
(a) asks members to donate as much money as they can afford
(b) requires missionary work of all if members
(c) requires the donation of twenty hours per week
(d) requires the Biblical tithe of one tenth

13. Satori is defined as ___________________________.
(a) a form of reincarnation
(b) a study of meditation
(c) understanding of reality
(d) a state of prayer

14. What is a melting pot?
(a) A melting pot refers to different religions
(b) A melting pot is a pan to melt butter in
(c) A melting pot is a blend of people, cultures and religions
(d) A melting pot is a blend of nations

15. How many cult members are there in the United States?
(a) 10 million
(b) 20 million
(c) 50 million
(d) 1 million

Short Answer Questions

1. Hubbard published his religious views and views on therapy in _________________________________.

2. The new vocabulary has _______________________________________.

3. The popularity of Spiritism is based on ___________________________-.

4. Most cults attack the doctrine of the Trinity. Compared to other cults, the attack of Jehovah's Witnesses is ________________.

5. The term cult terminology refers to ___________________________________.

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