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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mirzo Husayn Ali was known as ______________.
(a) the Messiah
(b) the Prophet
(c) the Bab
(d) Bahaullah

2. Who is the founder of the Mormon faith?
(a) Charles Taze Russell
(b) Spencer W. Kimball
(c) Brigham Young
(d) Joseph Smith, Jr.

3. The term cult terminology refers to ___________________________________.
(a) The new terms that the cults have brought into existence
(b) The new concepts of the cults
(c) The redefinitions of traditional terms
(d) The development of doctrines by cults

4. The Mormons encourage their young people to spend how many years doing missionary work?
(a) five years
(b) three years
(c) one year
(d) two years

5. Theorophy can best be described as ______________________.
(a) a form of Spiritism
(b) a form of Buddhism
(c) a form of science
(d) pantheistic

6. Mirz Ali Hummad was known as ________________.
(a) the Prophet
(b) the Heretic
(c) the Bab
(d) the Savior

7. What is a cult?
(a) A cult refers to a religious group that differs significantly from other religious groups in some respects.
(b) A cult refers to people with similar beliefs
(c) A cult refers to a group of oddballs
(d) A cult refers to a groups of people with different beliefs

8. The Baha'i World Faith is an offshoot of _____________.
(a) Buddhism
(b) Islam
(c) Hinduism
(d) Shintuism

9. The Watchtower uses term switching in regards to ________________________.
(a) The definitions of the Trinity
(b) The definition of personal values
(c) The definition of hell
(d) The definition of God

10. Jehovah's Witnesses believed that Christ returned in ___________.
(a) 1914
(b) He will never return
(c) They are still waiting
(d) 1850

11. The new vocabulary has _______________________________________.
(a) Changed the meanings of traditional concepts in the Scriptures
(b) Enhanced the meanings of the Scriptures
(c) Resulted in no reinterpretation of the Scriptures
(d) Had no effect on the meaning of the Scriptures

12. Mary Baker Eddy believed she wrote under the guidance of _________________________.
(a) plagiarism
(b) divine authorship
(c) with the guidance of an angel
(d) her own views

13. Christian Science members had to circulate and sell the works of Mary Baker Eddy or ________________________.
(a) lost their membership
(b) they weren't allowed to join
(c) pay a tithe
(d) attend special classes

14. The Mormon practice of polygamy began in ___________________.
(a) never existed
(b) Kirkland, Ohio
(c) Salt Lake City, Utah
(d) Independence, Missouri

15. What is the most important characteristic of cults?
(a) Open mindedness
(b) Acceptance of Christian doctrine
(c) Closed mindedness
(d) Cognitive evaluation of facts

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it believed that Christian Science prevents members from receiving medical treatment?

2. What factors are important in the study of non-Christian cults?

3. Christ warned against ________________.

4. To the Unitarian Universalists, which of the following does not contribute to salvation?

5. Mrs. Eddy founded and taught at the ________________________________.

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