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Walter Martin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hubbard published his religious views and views on therapy in _________________________________.
(a) Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
(b) a novel
(c) a science fiction story
(d) there is no such publication

2. The Stake High Council consists of ________________________-.
(a) the First Presidency
(b) ten high priests
(c) all priests
(d) twelve high priests

3. The Jehovah's Witnesses are headquartered in ____________________________.
(a) Salt Lake City, Utah
(b) Wilmette, Illinois
(c) Baltimore, Maryland
(d) Brooklyn, New York

4. According to Dr. Milton Rokeach, how many levels are recognized in a belief system?
(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) 5
(d) 8

5. What is a cult?
(a) A cult refers to a religious group that differs significantly from other religious groups in some respects.
(b) A cult refers to a groups of people with different beliefs
(c) A cult refers to people with similar beliefs
(d) A cult refers to a group of oddballs

6. Scientology was founded by ____________________.
(a) L. Ron Hubbard
(b) Herbert W. Armstrong
(c) Joseph Smith, Jr.
(d) Faustus Socinos

7. Christian Scientists believe that hell is _________________________.
(a) made by the sinner who does evil
(b) a temporary holding place
(c) the place where all non-members go
(d) a place of fire and brimstone

8. The new vocabulary has _______________________________________.
(a) Resulted in no reinterpretation of the Scriptures
(b) Enhanced the meanings of the Scriptures
(c) Changed the meanings of traditional concepts in the Scriptures
(d) Had no effect on the meaning of the Scriptures

9. To the Unitarian Universalists, which of the following does not contribute to salvation?
(a) good works
(b) last rites
(c) character development
(d) faith in God

10. Theosophy recognizes ______________________________.
(a) the basic Christian beliefs
(b) a personal God
(c) the ancient cult of Gnosticism
(d) the beliefs of Islam

11. Which is not a term that refers to the ruling structure of the Mormon Church?
(a) Mutual Improvement Association
(b) Council of Twelve
(c) General Authorities
(d) First Quorum of the Seventy

12. Unitarian dogmas began gaining popularity in which century?
(a) 19th
(b) 14th
(c) 16th
(d) 15th

13. Rutherford accused Christians of _______________________.
(a) Creating sects
(b) Religious intolerance
(c) Heresy
(d) Ignorance

14. Christ warned against ________________.
(a) Pagans
(b) Cults
(c) False prophets
(d) Heresy

15. According to Jehovah's Witnesses, hell, the place of fiery torment ___________________________.
(a) Does not exist
(b) Exists
(c) Receives all non-members
(d) Is a concept from the Bible

Short Answer Questions

1. Unitarianism, compared to orthodox Christian practices, is _________________________.

2. Who is the founder of the Mormon faith?

3. In the 1920s, who identified cults as a force in American Protestantism?

4. To the Christian Scientist, the Trinity represents _________________________________.

5. In response to cults, the answer of the church must be __________________________.

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