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Walter Martin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Buddhism—Classical, Zen, and Nichiren Shoshu.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Spiritism is __________________________.
(a) a relatively new cult
(b) one of the oldest forms of religious cult
(c) is a melting pot of cults
(d) not in existence anymore

2. How can the cultist claim to agree with various quotes from the Bible?
(a) They have the same beliefs
(b) They lie
(c) There are no doctrinal issues between cults and mainstream Christianity
(d) Terms have been redefined

3. Jehovah's Witnesses believed that Christ returned in ___________.
(a) He will never return
(b) They are still waiting
(c) 1914
(d) 1850

4. Isolationism is a ________________________.
(a) Psychological trait of cult members
(b) Rejected by cultists
(c) Goal of Christianity
(d) Practiced by Christians

5. Who do Mormons consider to be Gentiles?
(a) anyone under twenty-one years of age
(b) non-Jews
(c) any non-Christian
(d) any non-Mormon

Short Answer Questions

1. Zen Buddhism is _______________________________.

2. The first temple site was in _________________________.

3. Jehovah's Witnesses ________________________________.

4. What is a part of cult membership?

5. Charles Taze Russel was the founder of ____________________.

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