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Paul E. Johnson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Matthews realize when he met Elijah for the first time according to "The Kingdom, Parts 1 through 3"?
(a) Elijah was able to be influenced.
(b) Elijah was greedy.
(c) Elijah wanted to preach.
(d) Elijah was stubborn.

2. What did Elijah do when Matthews escaped to New York?
(a) He declared himself Father of the Kingdom.
(b) He tried to take Ann as his wife.
(c) He tried to kill himself.
(d) He tried to disoblige the Kingdom.

3. When did Kirk arrive in Albany according to "Robert Matthews, Parts 5 through 7"?
(a) 1829.
(b) 1828.
(c) 1827.
(d) 1821.

4. Who did Elijah open a mercantile store with?
(a) Martha Kirk.
(b) Benjamin Globle.
(c) John Steinbrenner.
(d) Robert Matthews.

5. Who was Mount Zion signed over to after Folger's ruin?
(a) The Frist Presbyterian Church.
(b) Ann Folger.
(c) Elijah.
(d) Matthews.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Matthews ban because of his hatred of traditional Christianity?

2. What did Elijah say he would do during Sarah's funeral?

3. What conclusion did Isabella Van Wagenen draw about Ann Folger?

4. Who followed Matthews to meet his estranged wife after Matthews was released from prison?

5. What did the middle class' evangelical reformist movement think of the Calvinist family structure?

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