Objects & Places from The Kingdom of Matthias

Paul E. Johnson
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The Kingdom of Matthias - This refers to a community that had many internal divisions, which sparked public outcry and the dissolution of the community.

Manhattan - This place was a financial and trade center in the 1830's, to which many young men came to find their fortunes by establishing merchant trade.

Pearl Street - This place consisted of many merchant offices for a new generation of merchants.

Mount Zion - This place was located near Sing Sing, New York.

Bowery Hill - This was a place from where a leader of an evangelical movement would preach and conduct sermons.

The Penny Press - This examined salacious subjects, such as crime and promiscuity, rather than financial or political information.

Poisoned Blackberries - The public concluded that this item was involved in a conspiracy to commit murder.

The Unkempt Beard - This item increased public distrust and anger...

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