Daily Lessons for Teaching The Kingdom of Matthias

Paul E. Johnson
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)



In November 1835, the Prophet Matthias was found innocent of murder and theft by a New York grand jury, but received guilty charges on assault and contempt of court. After Matthias lost his followers, he went to the Mormon settlement of Kirtland. The objective of this lesson is to examine the influence of Kirtland and Mormonism in the United States.


1) Group Work: Library Research and Written Summary: Students should find information on Mormonism and the history of Kirtland, including what Mormons believed and other significant information. Students should also find the history of the Kirtland, Ohio community and write a summary of the information they find.

2) Class Discussion: Why was Matthias on his way to the Mormon settlement? What did Kirtland predate? Why was this significant? How did Mormonism affect early American society? Why was Kirtland significant in the 1800's? Why would Matthews choose to...

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