The Kingdom of Matthias Character Descriptions

Paul E. Johnson
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Robert Matthews

This person was born 1788 in the Scottish community of Coila and was raised in a strict Calvinist, anti-burgher tradition; this character died in 1841.

Elijah Pierson

This person grew up in rural New Jersey and sought his fortune as a merchant, but the death of his wife drove him to madness and he began to hear voices and have prophetic visions.

Benjamin Folger

This person was a successful merchant and took advantage of the promiscuity afforded him through the community.

Ann Folger

This person married and planned to have a holy son but eventually gave birth to a baby girl.

Isabella Van Wagenen

This person was a former slave turned housekeeper who became a loyal disciple, but eventually joined the abolitionist movement under the name Sojourner Truth.

Sarah Pierson

This person worked herself to death and died of consumption.

Frances Folger

This person was an evangelical and...

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