The Kingdom of Matthias Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Paul E. Johnson
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• The" Prologue" starts with Matthews being found innocent of murder.

• Matthews was found guilty of assault and contempt.

• Matthews lost all of his followers and left New York for Kirtland.

• Matthews presented himself to Joseph Smith as Joshua because he was infamous after his trial.
• For Matthews, the U.S. was the second Babylon.

• The 1820's to the 1840's was called the Second Great Awakening.

• Charles Grandison Finney was a reformist preacher.

• Modernist "Finneyites" tried to have more freedom from the Churches and have women be treated equally to men.
• "Finneyites" also denounced slavery and were sometimes violently attacked by mobs.

• Many were reluctant to change and joined various conservative sects.

• Both Matthews and Joseph Smith were trying to form conservative churches and were both equally known at the time.

Elijah Pierson, Introduction and Parts 1 through 4

• In "Elijah Pierson, Introduction and Parts 1 through 4," Elijah Pierson was a...

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