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Short Answer Questions

1. While training to become a bull dancer, what does Theseus beg Poseidon to make him?

2. What happens in the last month of bull dancer training?

3. What is the name of the palace where the bull dancers will be training?

4. Why does Theseus take a different path every night on the way to meet his lover?

5. What does Theseus and his kinsmen practice on the ship?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe an incident in Crete where Theseus shows compassion.

2. Explain what Theseus does that makes Ariadne cry in Book 4: Chapter 7.

3. Describe King Minos and what he tells Theseus in their first meeting.

4. Describe bull dancing, concentrating on the different roles of each dancer.

5. Describe what Theseus does when the men from Crete come for their tribute and why.

6. Explain what Theseus learns about the customs and prophesies of the Creates.

7. Recall how the dancers obtain their bull.

8. Explain what the old woman in Aigeus' kingdom says to Theseus.

9. Analyze the differences between Theseus and Asterion.

10. Describe how Theseus is hurt during a bull dance.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Honor is a powerful theme throughout The King Must Die; some characters have honor and some do not.

Part 1) Define honor, also describing why it's important to be a person with honor.

Part 2) Explain why Theseus is considered a man of honor and Asterion is not. Cite examples from the book.

Part 3) What does honor mean in society today? Are people as honorable in this era?

Essay Topic 2

Theseus' character travels through many areas of ancient Greece, from Troizen to Eleusis to Athens to Crete. The setting of The King Must Die is very important to the story.

Part 1) Define setting, describing the different settings throughout the text.

Part 2) Explain how important the setting is to the plot of the story.

Part 3) Compare the setting of this novel to another novel. Was the setting simple or complex?

Essay Topic 3

In Eleusis Queen Persephone rules, and the people care nothing for the king. Queen Persephone is very intelligent and powerful.

Part 1) Describe what kind of leader the queen is. What are her beliefs, strengths and weaknesses?

Part 2) Describe how Queen Persephone's character changes throughout the story; cite examples from the text.

Part 3) Explain how Queen Persephone is important to the overall story and how she has affected Theseus' life; cite examples from the text.

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