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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the queen of Crete treat her daughter when she was young?
(a) She was held dear by her mother.
(b) She was ignored but not treated badly.
(c) She was treated as very special and loved.
(d) She was treated as an outcast and told she was nasty.

2. What does Theseus and his kinsmen practice on the ship?
(a) Fighting.
(b) A dance.
(c) Speed drills.
(d) Singing.

3. Why is the bull never to be killed or hurt?
(a) He is the queen's favorite animal.
(b) He is the king's favorite animal.
(c) It would bring bad luck to the kingdom.
(d) The god dwells in him.

4. Why does Theseus' father send an invitation to Theseus?
(a) To invite him to the celebration of his new son's birth.
(b) To invite Theseus' mother to a party.
(c) To invite him to a banquet in his honor.
(d) To invite Theseus' mother to come live in Athens.

5. As a bull dancer, what does Theseus decide he wants to be?
(a) A dancer.
(b) A chaser.
(c) A catcher.
(d) A leaper.

Short Answer Questions

1. After arriving in Crete, what does the man who slapped Theseus across the face throw into the ocean?

2. With what does Theseus kill the king?

3. What does the man who slapped Theseus across the face call Poseidon?

4. What is one place that Theseus finds useful on his way to meet his lover?

5. What is the king wearing when the Theseus and his kinsmen first see him in the House of the Axe?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Theseus is hurt during a bull dance.

2. Explain the relationship between Theseus and Ariadne.

3. Describe what Theseus does when the men from Crete come for their tribute and why.

4. Recall what Theseus learns about bull dancing while traveling to Crete.

5. Describe King Minos and what he tells Theseus in their first meeting.

6. Explain what happens to make Theseus force the cranes to renew their vows to each other.

7. Evaluate how much Theseus has grown as a leader in Crete.

8. Explain why Theseus is chosen to be the leader of the cranes.

9. Explain why Theseus' bull, Herakles, was acting funny.

10. Recall how the dancers obtain their bull.

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