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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Theseus send away on a boat?
(a) The king of Athens.
(b) The people of Eleusis.
(c) The soldiers of Eleusis.
(d) The queen and her children.

2. Why does Theseus' mother need to give herself to the first man that is sent by the gods?
(a) To atone for the neglect given to certain gods.
(b) To prove her humility.
(c) To atone for her past sins.
(d) To prove her devotion to the gods.

3. Why does Aigeus command the king and the priestess to keep Theseus' identity hidden?
(a) To keep him safe.
(b) To keep him from overtaking the throne.
(c) To raise him as a peasant.
(d) To enable him to have more sons.

4. What do the people of the town believe must happen every year?
(a) A new queen must be crowned.
(b) A new king must be crowned.
(c) The queen must sacrifice one of her children.
(d) The queen must have another child.

5. Why does Theseus decide to make friends with one of the neighboring kingdoms?
(a) To get them to ask the Eleusians for their help in a war.
(b) To hire servants to work in the fields.
(c) To trade goods with them.
(d) To barter weapons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Theseus discover when reaching the palace?

2. What does Theseus do to the chariot driver?

3. Why did King Minos' men take the smaller boys from Troizen?

4. What is the name of the other boy who comes to serve Poseidon?

5. How does Theseus' father agree to treat the people in Eleusis?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what Theseus does that makes Ariadne cry in Book 4: Chapter 7.

2. Analyze the relationship between Theseus and Queen Persephone, concentrating on how she makes him feel.

3. Explain why Theseus chose not to go on the ship where his grandfather had attained him a spot .

4. Recall what happens when Theseus meets Aigeus for the first time.

5. Describe an incident in Crete where Theseus shows compassion.

6. Analyze the relationship between Theseus and Aigeus at their first meeting.

7. Recall a situation in Chapters 1-4 where Theseus' pride gets in the way.

8. Recall what Ariadne tells Theseus about King Minos, explaining how he became sick and why.

9. Explain the significance of Theseus' grandfather sacrificing the king horse.

10. Explain what happens to make Theseus force the cranes to renew their vows to each other.

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