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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Theseus stomps the ground after Simo makes fun of him?
(a) A giant hole forms.
(b) He injures his foot.
(c) It begins to rain.
(d) An earthquake begins.

2. What is the relationship of Diokles and Theseus?
(a) Uncle and nephew.
(b) Grandfather and grandson.
(c) Brothers.
(d) Father and son.

3. What does the queen's brother try to give Theseus' men after they defeat the city?
(a) Nothing.
(b) A smaller amount of the spoils.
(c) A larger amount of the spoils.
(d) A banquet in their honor.

4. What is the name of the other boy who comes to serve Poseidon?
(a) Diokles.
(b) Simo.
(c) Kannadis.
(d) Pittheus.

5. What does Theseus do to the man who kills his friend?
(a) He does nothing.
(b) He wounds him badly but lets him leave.
(c) He follows him, but the man gets away.
(d) He kills him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Theseus send away on a boat?

2. Who is Theseus' father the son of?

3. When Theseus is 7-years-old, what animal does his grandfather sacrifice in a ceremony?

4. What does the queen do after her fight with Theseus?

5. As Theseus heads back to his people, what does he discover the queen ordered?

Short Essay Questions

1. Define the relationship between Theseus and Xanthos.

2. Recall what happens when Theseus meets Aigeus for the first time.

3. Explain why Theseus chose not to go on the ship where his grandfather had attained him a spot .

4. Describe what happens to make Queen Persephone cry in Book 2: Chapter 2.

5. Describe two different ways Persephone tries to have Theseus killed.

6. Describe two things that Theseus and Dexios encounter on Isthmus Road.

7. Describe the relationship between Theseus and Kannadis, concentrating on how Kannadis helps Theseus to understand Poseidon.

8. Evaluate the impact of Theseus' relationship with Simo, describing how this relationship helped Theseus to grow.

9. Compare two events where Theseus is somewhat harsh in his mannerisms.

10. Describe how Xanthos tries to undermine Theseus after the first battle.

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