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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Theseus' friend is killed, he comes to a camp of _________.
(a) Soldiers.
(b) Traveling gypsies.
(c) Young shepherds.
(d) Merchants.

2. What does Theseus hear the harper singing about?
(a) A city where great riches can be found.
(b) A city where potions can be found to heal the sick.
(c) A city that moved great rocks and the methods they used.
(d) A city that built great structures and the methods they used.

3. How does the queen act when Theseus leaves for battle?
(a) Sad.
(b) Excited.
(c) Angry.
(d) Nervous.

4. How many men is Theseus bringing to help in his father's war?
(a) A thousand men.
(b) Three thousand men.
(c) Five thousand men.
(d) Five hundred men.

5. Why does Aigeus command the king and the priestess to keep Theseus' identity hidden?
(a) To keep him from overtaking the throne.
(b) To keep him safe.
(c) To raise him as a peasant.
(d) To enable him to have more sons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the king invite Theseus to drink with him?

2. What does the king violently stop Theseus from doing?

3. Why does Theseus' chariot crash?

4. What does the queen announce the oracle has proclaimed about Theseus' coming?

5. In Theseus' dream, what does he use to move the rock?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Theseus' plan to get out of the kingdom without shaming his name.

2. Describe how Theseus' changes the government of Eleusis.

3. Analyze the relationship between Theseus and Queen Persephone, concentrating on how she makes him feel.

4. Evaluate how Theseus feels about women, giving two examples.

5. Compare two events where Theseus is somewhat harsh in his mannerisms.

6. Explain how Theseus' chariot crashes on the battlefield.

7. Describe two things that Theseus and Dexios encounter on Isthmus Road.

8. Explain the significance of Theseus' grandfather sacrificing the king horse.

9. Describe the connection between Theseus and Poseidon.

10. Evaluate the impact of Theseus' relationship with Simo, describing how this relationship helped Theseus to grow.

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