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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Theseus take a different path every night on the way to meet his lover?
(a) To strengthen his body for bull dancing.
(b) To make sure no one is following him.
(c) So he can map out several places that he might need later on.
(d) To ward off bad spirits.

2. Why do the people of Crete come to watch the bull dancers train?
(a) To heckle and taunt them.
(b) To encourage them.
(c) To be entertained.
(d) To make bets.

3. What happens to Theseus after the bull dance?
(a) He is hurt but lives.
(b) He is killed.
(c) He runs away.
(d) He is banished from bull dancing.

4. How did Theseus ruin the symbol by retrieving the item?
(a) He dishonored the king.
(b) He disrespected the sea.
(c) He wed himself to the sea.
(d) He disrupted his destiny.

5. What gift does Theseus' father give him?
(a) A chariot and horses.
(b) A castle.
(c) A sword and shield.
(d) A ship.

6. In what month are the bull dancers trained to leap and do cartwheels?
(a) First month.
(b) Fourth month.
(c) Third month.
(d) Second month.

7. After arriving in Crete, what does the man who slapped Theseus across the face throw into the ocean?
(a) His shoe.
(b) His ring.
(c) His sword.
(d) A stone.

8. What is Theseus and the other cranes considered to be?
(a) Hunters.
(b) Barbarians.
(c) Seamen.
(d) Soldiers.

9. Why is the bull never to be killed or hurt?
(a) The god dwells in him.
(b) He is the king's favorite animal.
(c) It would bring bad luck to the kingdom.
(d) He is the queen's favorite animal.

10. After Theseus and his kinsmen have practiced and before they are ready for their dance, who comes to check on them?
(a) Herakles.
(b) Corinth.
(c) Asterion.
(d) Ariadne.

11. What does one of the girl dancers confess to Theseus?
(a) She wants to die first.
(b) She is bull shy.
(c) She is terrified of the bull.
(d) She wants to be a leaper.

12. When the man threw the item into the sea on the day that Theseus arrived, what was that a symbol of?
(a) A symbol to show that the king is at peace with the sea.
(b) A symbol to show that the king has wed the sea.
(c) A symbol to show that the king is obedient to the sea.
(d) A symbol to show that the king is more powerful than the sea.

13. After three months of bull dancing, who calls Theseus to his home to dine?
(a) Asterion.
(b) Herakles.
(c) Corinth.
(d) Ariadne.

14. What is the name of the palace where the bull dancers will be training?
(a) Nisos.
(b) Hellene.
(c) Knosses.
(d) Pylas.

15. Why is Theseus proclaimed the leader of the bull dancers in Crete?
(a) He was the one that gave himself to the gods.
(b) He is heir to the throne.
(c) He is the strongest.
(d) He is the bravest.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gave the bull medicine to make him mad?

2. What does the man who slapped Theseus across the face call Poseidon?

3. What happens to the bull after the dance?

4. Why is Theseus troubled by the king's son checking up on him during the bull dancer training?

5. What two things will end the bull dancing?

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