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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the bull dancer who jumps up and over the bull?
(a) A dancer.
(b) A chaser.
(c) A leaper.
(d) A catcher.

2. Where does Theseus go after killing the king?
(a) To meet with his kinsmen.
(b) To practice bull dancing.
(c) To his lover's chambers.
(d) Back to his own bed.

3. What name does Theseus and his kinsmen decide to call themselves?
(a) Bulls.
(b) Hawks.
(c) Falcons.
(d) Cranes.

4. Why does Theseus' lover begin to cry?
(a) She and Theseus have quarreled.
(b) Theseus struck her.
(c) She believes he's worthy to be a king of an entire kingdom.
(d) She feels guilty for being with Theseus.

5. What color of flag does Theseus' father ask Theseus to run up on the ship if he returns?
(a) Red.
(b) White.
(c) Black.
(d) Blue.

6. For what have the Crete men come to Athens?
(a) A tribute of young boys and girls.
(b) To barter goods.
(c) A tribute of men and women.
(d) To start a war.

7. What does Theseus think of the person who tells him the gods favor him?
(a) This person is old and senile.
(b) This person is gentle and kind.
(c) This person is cruel.
(d) This person is funny.

8. What happens in the last month of bull dancer training?
(a) They go to the pasture to get a bull, but they don't get to pick.
(b) They practice dancing with the bulls.
(c) They must fight to see who will dance first with the bull.
(d) They get to pick their bull.

9. What does one of the girl dancers confess to Theseus?
(a) She wants to die first.
(b) She is terrified of the bull.
(c) She wants to be a leaper.
(d) She is bull shy.

10. What is the king wearing when the Theseus and his kinsmen first see him in the House of the Axe?
(a) An ornate bull mask.
(b) An ornate dragon mask.
(c) An ornate eagle mask.
(d) An ornate horse mask.

11. Why does Theseus' father send an invitation to Theseus?
(a) To invite him to a banquet in his honor.
(b) To invite Theseus' mother to come live in Athens.
(c) To invite Theseus' mother to a party.
(d) To invite him to the celebration of his new son's birth.

12. What happens to the bull after the dance?
(a) The bull falls in the dirt and dies.
(b) The bull is never used in bull dancing again.
(c) The bull is injured.
(d) The bull is sacrificed.

13. Where are Theseus and his kinsmen living in Crete?
(a) The castle.
(b) The Bull Court.
(c) The dungeons.
(d) A house in the country.

14. Who wants the king of Crete to die and is the one who is believed to have infected him?
(a) The queen.
(b) Theseus.
(c) Ariadne.
(d) Asterion.

15. What do Theseus and the bull dancers smuggle and begin to hide?
(a) Food.
(b) Weapons.
(c) Armor.
(d) Gold.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one place that Theseus finds useful on his way to meet his lover?

2. In the first three months, how many members do the cranes lose bull dancing?

3. Why does Theseus not accept the gifts at the dinner party?

4. Who calls Theseus to a secret meeting chamber?

5. Who is going to send a message to Theseus' father, asking for help in stopping the son of the king of Crete?

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