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Athens - This location is where Aigeus reigns. Theseus spends a large part of the story trying to get here.

Crete - This location is where King Minos reigns.

Eleusis - In this location women rule the land. Theseus is forced to fight the current king and takes his place here.

Altar Stone - This is a large and heavy object that Theseus must lift in order to learn who his father is.

Sword - This object has been kept hidden. It is by this object that Theseus' father knows Theseus is his son.

Moira - This is a word that describes a belief that your fate is already laid before a man.

Cranes - This is the name that Theseus and the other youths taken from their home call themselves.

Polished Crystal Bull - This object is left behind by the first bull dancer that Theseus...

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