The King Must Die Character Descriptions

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This character spends much of his life trying to prove himself and, in doing so, changes in character and temperament.


This character can transform himself into the shape of either a horse or a man.

King Minos

This character is a leper and asks for his life to be ended with a sacrificial ax.


This character is meant to inherit the throne in Crete.


This character escapes from Crete, is discovered covered in sacrificial blood, and is abandoned.


This character is constantly under attack by others, and his/her life comes to an untimely end.

King Pittheus of Troizen

This character instills values and inspires leadership.


This character believes women should rule since they are the ones that give birth.


This character is a priestess and hides something of great importance.


This character was killed while making a trip to...

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