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Book 1: Chapter 1-4

• Theseus as an old man recalls the story of his early life and the values he held.

• Theseus' childhood home is called Hellene, and his grandfather is King Pittheus.

• Theseus is told from birth he was begotten by Poseidon.

• At a ceremony, King Pittheus sacrifices the king horse and dedicates Theseus to Poseidon.
• Theseus begins service to Poseidon when he turns eight.

• Theseus can hear Poseidon sleeping in the ocean.

• Kannadis, Theseus' mentor, reassures Theseus about Poseidon.

• Simo, the new boy, makes fun of Theseus because he's small.

• Theseus and Simo fight and have to sacrifice their suppers to atone for their disobedience.

• Theseus finds that he is shorter than almost every child his age.

• Kannadis tells Theseus to revere the gods in humility.

• Theseus repeatedly prays to Poseidon for a sign.

• Simo makes fun of Theseus; therefore Theseus stomps his foot on the ground...

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