The Killing Zone: My Life in the Vietnam War Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Frederick Downs
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which word means to avoid duty by feigning illness or injury?
(a) Sidling.
(b) Malingering.
(c) Loafing.
(d) Infiltrating.

2. What type of vehicle is blown up?
(a) Water tanker.
(b) Advance team.
(c) Engineering.
(d) Weapons transport.

3. Soldiers fight constantly to gain control of which of the following?
(a) Road.
(b) Bridge.
(c) Communications tower.
(d) Village center.

4. What is the code number used to identify Downs?
(a) 1-6.
(b) 3-9.
(c) 4-2.
(d) 2-7.

5. The men find which type of land mine in the area?
(a) Bouncing Better.
(b) Claymore.
(c) Specialized.
(d) American.

Short Answer Questions

1. The base for the division is based in which town/city?

2. How many days go by before Downs is sent to the next location?

3. During which month is one of the vehicles in the convoy blown up?

4. The character belongs to which branch of the military?

5. People attempting to cross the bridge are stopped by a _____.

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the others at the camp, including Downs' meetings with other soldiers and superiors.

2. Discuss Downs' situation at the base camp. Where is it located? What is the name of the platoon?

3. When is the platoon moved from the area? Where are they taken to set up a new base camp?

4. Describe the area around the base camp and how it is different than Downs expected.

5. Discuss the transport of the battalion to the new base camp.

6. What is the biggest problem with this plan?

7. What is the basic plan for battle for the First Platoon? Would the platoon have any back up?

8. What is exposed by a random shot fired by Downs? What is the next step taken in the mission? What is discovered?

9. Discuss Downs' first mission and the sights he witnesses.

10. Describe the scene that takes place on the bridge. Who is involved?

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