The Killing Zone: My Life in the Vietnam War Test | Final Test - Easy

Frederick Downs
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many men are injured by a land mine at this time?
(a) 7.
(b) 5.
(c) 3.
(d) 2.

2. Downs accidentally steps on what type of a trap?
(a) Booby.
(b) Tiger.
(c) Snare.
(d) Vine.

3. Which of the soldiers becomes isolated from the rest of the platoon?
(a) Muto.
(b) Sells.
(c) Downs.
(d) Rueto.

4. One of the men falls ___ feet and stops breathing.
(a) 20.
(b) 10.
(c) 40.
(d) 50.

5. Despite the rugged terrain, the officers manage to _____ the injured men.
(a) Treat.
(b) Evacuate.
(c) Rescue.
(d) Obliterate.

6. Downs begins to think about going to ____ school.
(a) Flight.
(b) Military intelligence.
(c) Officer training.
(d) Heavy weapons training.

7. Who has control of the area?
(a) ARNV.
(b) Vietnamese.
(c) Vietcong.
(d) Downs' platoon.

8. Who serves as the point man on the next patrol?
(a) Muto.
(b) Mann.
(c) Yoder.
(d) Downs.

9. Aircraft from which group flies overhead during the battle?
(a) NVA.
(b) ARVN.
(c) Vietnamese police.
(d) American military intelligence.

10. How is the attacking NVA officer killed?
(a) Stabbed.
(b) Shot.
(c) Strangled.
(d) Snared.

11. The men fire upon a dark figure that turns out to be an old woman. Where is the woman shot?
(a) Jaw.
(b) Foot.
(c) Stomach.
(d) Back.

12. In a funny scene Downs decides to assist a man who has been in an accident with a _____.
(a) Cow.
(b) Jeep.
(c) Bicycle.
(d) Tank.

13. This section begins with which company engaging in a fierce battle?
(a) Alpha.
(b) Beta.
(c) Dragon.
(d) Delta.

14. Where is the Tam Ky province located?
(a) North Vietnam.
(b) East Vietnam.
(c) South Vietnam.
(d) West Vietnam.

15. One of the civilians is a teenager who is shot in the ____.
(a) Leg.
(b) Back.
(c) Head.
(d) Shoulder.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the people search for usable items?

2. Who returns to help with the mission?

3. Downs wonders why the _____ have to do so little and Downs' platoon works hard to fight.

4. Who issues the order to let the men go?

5. What word is best used to describe the Army people encountered by Downs at the mess hall?

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