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Short Answer Questions

1. For what reason does Cassandra say she is helping Raina?

2. Anita describes Jean-Claude's body like it was carved ________, every muscle, every curve of his body pale and perfect.

3. According to Jean-Claude in Chapter 24, "________ and ________ were what drew the power the first time."

4. Raina reveals that ________ was a plant from the very beginning.

5. Who is coming to stay the night with Anita at Jean-Claude's home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Cassandra do in Chapter 41 that impresses Anita?

2. Explain how Richard mends Jason's wounds. Whose blood does Jason need to drink and why?

3. When was the last time Anita was in the coffin room under the Circus of the Damned?

4. What does Anita discover inside the small hallway Jean-Claude instructs Anita to look down?

5. Describe Jean-Claude's new bathroom. What is Anita's reaction to it?

6. Does Anita think she is beautiful? Explain.

7. Describe Raina's outfit in Chapter 36.

8. What does Anita mean when she tells Richard, "Stop leaking all over me"?

9. What does Anita feel as she points her gun at Jason at the end of Chapter 27?

10. Why is Anita crying in Chapter 38?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the significance of the title The Killing Dance. How does the author develop the significance of the title?

Essay Topic 2

Explore the issue of vampirism, and explain how it contributes to the understanding of the novel as a whole.

Essay Topic 3

In an essay, explain the meaning and function of a foil character. Based on your definition, choose a character from The Killing Dance that would be considered a foil character and explain how this character is a foil.

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