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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Anita in Chapter 4?

2. Which vampire has been a stripper at Guilty Pleasures, but is now the manager of the club?

3. Who does Detective Branswell identify as the man in Anita's apartment?

4. Who is Anita speaking to when she says,"I owe you a box of doggie treats, furball"?

5. Raina is the alpha female or ________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why won't Marcus kill Richard for rescuing Stephen?

2. Describe Raina's outfit in Chapter 36.

3. Why is Rafael called to the meeting at Richard's house?

4. How did Jean-Claude come to be Damian's master?

5. Who volunteers to help raise Monica's baby? What does Monica call this person?

6. What is Damian doing at Danse Macabre that is illegal?

7. Why does Edward call Anita in Chapter 20? Where does he tell Anita to go?

8. Why are all the coffins in the coffin room under the Circus of the Damned identical?

9. Explain what has happened to Anita in the beginning of Chapter 33.

10. What does Jason do for Jean-Claude nightly?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe and analyze the nature of a betrayal found within The Killing Dance. Show how this betrayal contributes to the meaning of the work as a whole.

Essay Topic 2

In an essay, distinguish Richard from Marcus. How are they similar? What are their major differences?

Essay Topic 3

Select a character from The Killing Dance who can be considered a villain. In a well-organized essay, analyze the nature of the character's villainy and show how it enhances meaning in the novel.

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