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Short Answer Questions

1. What form of being is Christine?

2. How many legal vampire kills does Anita say she has?

3. Who is the father of Monica Vespucci's baby?

4. Why can't Anita cross the blood circle around the murder victim's body?

5. Who is Rafael?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Rafael called to the meeting at Richard's house?

2. What does Jason do for Jean-Claude nightly?

3. Why does Edward call Anita while she is at Catherine's dinner party?

4. Why does Anita not want the media to know she is dating Jean-Claude?

5. Why does Anita have Stephen stay in her room instead of moving into Richard's room?

6. What is Damian doing at Danse Macabre that is illegal?

7. Why is Richard mad at Anita in the beginning of Chapter 5?

8. Does Anita tell Dolph the truth about her contract on her life? Explain.

9. When did Christine first meet Anita?

10. When was the last time Anita saw Monica Vespucci?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In an essay, explain how author Laurell K. Hamilton establishes Anita and Jean-Claude's relationship throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Choose a character from The Killing Dance whose mind is being pulled in conflicting directions by two compelling desires, ambitions, obligations, or influences. Identify each of the two conflicting forces and explain how this conflict with one character illuminates the meaning of the work as a whole.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the literary techniques the author uses to describe to develop the plot of The Killing Dance.

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