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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. All of the following people can bond together to form a triumvirate, except for who?
(a) Anita.
(b) Richard.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) Liv.

2. How did Magnus die?
(a) Shot.
(b) Hung.
(c) Staked.
(d) Burned alive.

3. Who is the only person on Richard's mind the day of the full moon?
(a) Jean-Claude.
(b) Raina.
(c) Anita.
(d) Marcus.

4. How does Richard mend Jason's wounds?
(a) Richard licks Jason's wounds.
(b) Richard bandages Jason's wounds.
(c) Richard glues Jason's wounds.
(d) Richard stitches Jason's wounds.

5. Anita describes Jean-Claude's body like it was carved ________, every muscle, every curve of his body pale and perfect.
(a) Aluminum.
(b) Crystal.
(c) Alabaster.
(d) Gold.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who throws Jason into the wall at the Circus of the Damned?

2. Edward tells Anita in Chapter 20, that the deadline for her murder is now ________.

3. Who does Anita want to feed off her in Chapter 30.

4. From who does a werewolf need to get permission from before they can enter a new territory?

5. Who says, "I like you, Anita. I like you a lot. I wish I didn't"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Raina's outfit in Chapter 36.

2. Why are all the coffins in the coffin room under the Circus of the Damned identical?

3. What is Anita's response to Jean-Claude asking "Did you raise all of Nikolaos's old cemetery"?

4. Describe the outfit Jean-Claude has Anita put on in Chapter 35.

5. What is the Circus of the Damned?

6. What does Anita feel as she points her gun at Jason at the end of Chapter 27?

7. Why is Anita at the hospital in Chapter 20?

8. What does Anita mean when she tells Richard, "Stop leaking all over me"?

9. For what does Edward need Jean-Claude's permission in the beginning of Chapter 34?

10. Explain how Richard mends Jason's wounds. Whose blood does Jason need to drink and why?

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