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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Richard schedule a meeting at his house with all the were-animals?
(a) To find Anita's assassin.
(b) To vote on vampirism.
(c) To discuss the Marcus situation.
(d) To find Anita.

2. Edward was the epitome of ________ breeding.
(a) WASP.
(b) CRAB
(c) SNAKE.
(d) LION.

3. What is the name of the vampire who Anita thinks looks like something out of an old Vincent Price movie?
(a) Robert.
(b) Richard.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) Sabin.

4. Why can't Anita cross the blood circle around the murder victim's body?
(a) Because she is afraid of blood.
(b) Because she is an animator.
(c) Because she is female.
(d) Because she is not dead.

5. What is Ronnie's nickname for Jean-Claude?
(a) Bloodsucker.
(b) Fangface.
(c) The cold one.
(d) Dead man.

6. For what does Sabin turn to Anita for help with?
(a) Killing a vampire.
(b) Opening a night club.
(c) His skin disease.
(d) Finding a wereleopard.

7. Who is Jean-Claude's newest wolf?
(a) Courtney.
(b) Cassandra.
(c) Cari.
(d) Cami.

8. Where is Dolph taking Anita in the beginning of Chapter 18?
(a) The hospital.
(b) Richard's house.
(c) The Circus of the Damned.
(d) Creve Coeur.

9. The wolf pack considers Anita to be a ________.
(a) Lupa.
(b) Freki.
(c) Dominant.
(d) Lukio.

10. How many legal vampire kills does Anita say she has?
(a) Over 45.
(b) Over 250.
(c) Over 60.
(d) Over 20.

11. Ted Forrester is an alias for __________.
(a) Dumare.
(b) Robert.
(c) Blake.
(d) Edward.

12. In what way does Anita compare Sabin to a shark?
(a) He is made up of cartilage.
(b) He has big sharp teeth.
(c) He lives in the ocean.
(d) He never stops moving.

13. Who asks Anita to marry her in Chapter 3?
(a) Richard.
(b) Marcus.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) Robert.

14. Who is the father of Monica Vespucci's baby?
(a) Jean-Claude.
(b) Richard.
(c) Marcus.
(d) Robert.

15. Who is Anita referring to when she says, "Will the real monster please stand up"?
(a) Herself.
(b) Jean-Claude.
(c) Jason.
(d) Richard.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is cutting Stephen with a steel knife in the beginning of Chapter 8?

2. Who does Detective Branswell identify as the man in Anita's apartment?

3. Cassandra tells Anita that she obeys Jean-Claude, not his ________.

4. Who does Dolph refer to as Anita's "pet bounty hunter"?

5. The club Anita and Jean-Claude go to is in an old ________.

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