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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section XV, ch. 43-46.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which disease has become the highest rising birth defect since the legalizing of vampirism?
(a) Autism.
(b) Rett syndrome.
(c) Phenylketonuria.
(d) Vlad syndrome.

2. What does Cassandra do to Anita at the end of Chapter 41?
(a) Hugs her.
(b) Punches her.
(c) Kills her.
(d) Shoots her.

3. What did Richard tell Jean-Claude before Dominic gagged him?
(a) He loves Anita.
(b) He is going to kill Jean-Claude for sleeping with Anita.
(c) Anita couldn't stand his touch.
(d) He doesn't want to be with Anita .

4. Why does Edward tell Anita not to drive her car?
(a) In case of a car bomb.
(b) She's low on oil.
(c) Her assassin knows what kind of car she drives.
(d) Her tires are flat.

5. What form of being is Detective Reynolds?
(a) Wereleopard.
(b) Werewolf.
(c) Vampire.
(d) Witch.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Jean-Claude referring to when he says, "He was mine. Mine to punish, mine to reward, mine to protect. I have failed him."?

2. Who is standing over Anita when she wakes in Chapter 24?

3. How long does it take for police to take Anita's statement about Anabelle's death?

4. The wolf pack considers Anita to be a ________.

5. Richard agrees to kill ________.

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