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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section XV, ch. 43-46.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Richard worried that Anita is going to be intimate with Jean-Claude on their date?
(a) Because he overhearch Jean-Claude say he was.
(b) Because of her letter.
(c) Because she overheard her say she was.
(d) Because of her dress.

2. Who is the person responsible for creating the contract on Anita's life?
(a) Sabin.
(b) Marcus.
(c) Harley.
(d) Damian.

3. What form of being is Detective Reynolds?
(a) Werewolf.
(b) Witch.
(c) Vampire.
(d) Wereleopard.

4. What does Edward buy Anita?
(a) A Firestar.
(b) A knife.
(c) A new Browning.
(d) A necklace.

5. What is Jean-Claude referring to when he says, "It is a dance I do not wish to begin"?
(a) Anita replacing the dead.
(b) Anita trying to kill Sabin.
(c) Anita trying to kill him.
(d) Anita trying to raise the dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the tall, muscular, with hair shaved on either side, the back left in a long ponytail?

2. What changed in Jean-Claude's bedroom from the last time Anita was in there?

3. What club does Anita and Jean-Claude go to on their date?

4. The club Anita and Jean-Claude go to is in an old ________.

5. Anita states that if a shapeshifter gets killed, it's ________, but if a normal person gets killed, it's ________.

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