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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section XIII, ch. 37-39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what reason does Anita state to the detective for why she went to her apartment?
(a) She heard a noise in her apartment.
(b) Custard was barking at her door.
(c) To get a hammer.
(d) To get a screwdriver.

2. Dominic states that lycanthropy is referred to as a _______.
(a) Blessing.
(b) Sign.
(c) Curse.
(d) Honor.

3. Where does Raina film her movies?
(a) In a warehouse.
(b) In a barn.
(c) In Jean-Claude's house.
(d) In an empty apartment.

4. Who says, "They're all mine. When night falls, they will be yours again, but their empty shells are mine."?
(a) Jean-Claude.
(b) Anita.
(c) Marcus.
(d) Sabin.

5. Who meets Anita back at the Circus of the Damned after the fight?
(a) Jean-Claude.
(b) Liv.
(c) Edward.
(d) Richard.

Short Answer Questions

1. Anita describes Jean-Claude's body like it was carved ________, every muscle, every curve of his body pale and perfect.

2. Who meets Edward and Anita at the Circus of the Damned?

3. How often does Richard "turn furry"?

4. According to Anita, necromancy works only when you start with ________.

5. Who does Anita call after speaking with Edward in Chapter 20?

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