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Brewster's Law

This is being considered in Washington, D.C. to revoke the law stating vampires are legally alive.


This is a magical ability that gives its owner a tie to the dead.

Richard's car

This object is an old Mach One Mustang from the sixties.

Anita's degree

The main character has this in preternatural biology.


This is the name for the werewolves' pack.

Ulfric and Lupa

These are the names of the king and queen of a pack of werewolves.


This is a name for anyone that the werewolves consider worthy of respect.

Raina's films

These objects are made in an old barn in the woods.

Anita's apartment

This location is in a fairly urban building with a lot of other tenants.

Richard's house

This location is where the main character stays after the first assassin's attack on her.

Vlad syndrome

This is a...

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