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Lesson 1 (from Section I, ch. 1-2)


Section I, ch. 1-2

Chapter 1 introduces the reader to Anita's love triangle. The objective of this lesson is to identify the reason for Anita's love triangle and the characters involved.


1) Class discussion: What is a love triangle? Which character in The Killing Dance is involved in a love triangle? Who is Anita in a love triangle with? Why is Anita in a love triangle with Richard and Jean-Claude? Why is she dating Jean-Claude? Is this by choice? Do you think Jean-Claude would really kill Richard if Anita refused to date him? Why or why not?

2) Partner discussion: Is Anita's attraction to both Jean-Claude and Richard physical or emotional? Justify your answer by using specific examples from the text.

3) Individual assignment: In a journal entry, discuss the following: Between Jean-Claude and Richard, whom do you think Anita will choose to be her significant other? Who do...

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