The Killing Dance Character Descriptions

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Anita Blake

This character is the main character and narrator of this novel.

Richard Zeeman

This character is a powerful werewolf and the Fenrir, or challenger, in his werewolf pack.


This character is a vampire and is beautiful, tall and, feminine with long, curly, black hair and blue eyes.


This character is a master vampire from Europe who travels to St. Louis to heal a degenerative disease resulting from refraining from human blood.

Dominic Dumare

This character is a human servant and he helps restore the vampires.


This character is a female werewolf who betrays the main character.


This character is an assassin and is nicknamed by the vampires as Death.


This character is the Lupa of the werewolf pack who films pornographic films in an old barn.


This character is the local Ulfric of the werewolf pack and wants to unify...

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