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Section I, ch. 1-2

• Chapter 1 introduces the three main characters of the novel: Anita, Jean-Claude, and Richard. It also introduces the reader to the supernatural world of the novels, a world that includes vampires and werewolves.
• Edward is introduced via a phone call to warn Anita that there is a contract on her life. He decides to protect her because it will allow him to kill more people.

Section II, ch. 3-5

• Custard whines at Anita's door, which he has never done. Anita drops to one knee and opens her door, a shot fires through the door over her head. Anita shoots the hit man.
• Anita is interrogated by Detective Branswell, and Anita goes over her story with the Detective. Anita claims that she went to her apartment to get a screwdriver to help Mrs. Pringle with the television, dropped her keys, and shot back after the door...

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