Objects & Places from The Killer Inside Me

James Thompson
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Central City, Texas

Where Lou Ford lives

Derrick Road

The road where Joyce Lakeland lives

Conway Construction Company

The company owned by Chester Conway

Central City Labor Temple

Where Mr. Rothman works as a union director

Branch Place

The house next to the farmhouse where Joyce Lakeland lives and where Lou pulls in with the story that he is changing a flat tire on the night of the murders

The Barn on Lou's Property

Currently used as a garage, this is where Lou rapes a little girl.

Slim Murphy's Gas Station

Where Johnnie Pappas takes a job and where Lou gives him the marked twenty dollar bill

Fort Worth

Where Joyce Lakeland is taken to the hospital for medical attention after Lou beats her almost to death

West Seventh Street

The location of the Fort Worth hotel where Bob and Lou were to stay while Joyce Lakeland is...

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