The Killer Inside Me Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Thompson
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Chapters One through Six

• Lou Fields is finishing his meal in the local diner when he sees a bum peering through the window at him.

• Sheriff Bob Maple sends Lou to talk to Joyce Lakeland, a woman known to be a prostitute.
• At Joyce's house, Lou finds a gun in her drawer. Joyce cusses him for being a cop and gets so out of control, Lou throws her onto the bed and beats her with his belt. Afterwards they have sex.

• On the way back home, Lou thinks pf an old score he has to settle with Chester Conway.
• Lou meets Joe Rothman. Joe questions him about the death of his adoptive brother Mike. Mike was accused and jailed for raping a two-year-old girl. On his release he died in a freak accident.

• On his return to his house, Lou finds his lover Amy Stanton waiting for him...

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