Objects & Places from The Kill Order

James Dashner
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New York City

This setting in the novel is the hometown of Mark, Trina, the Toad, Misty, and Darnell.

The Lincoln Building

This setting is where Alec takes Mark and several others for safety following the sun flares. They reside in this setting for several months before setting our for a safer refuge.

Appalachian Mountains

It is in this region where Mark, Alec, Lana, and the others create a settlement and live for some time following the sun flares.


This city is referred to as the "last safe haven in the East" and is charged upon by Bruce and his minions as they attempt to overthrow those in charge of their mission.


One of the few areas of the world relatively unscathed by the sun flares, this setting serves as the headquarters for the Post-Flares Coalition.


This term in the novel refers to a massive...

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