The Kill Order Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Dashner
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Prologue-Chapter 14

⦁ The Kill Order is the third installment and prequel to James Dashner's Maze Runner trilogy, a young-adult dystopian science fiction series which focuses around a group of individuals struggling to survive in the year after the Earth is ravaged by sun flares, while attempting to avert becoming victims of a deadly virus that is ravaging the eastern United States.

⦁ The Prologue opens with the Swipe implanting Thomas, while his best friend, Teresa, looks on.

⦁ Thomas already wears the uniform of the Glade, and Teresa longs for a time before children were stolen and sent to the Maze, before human brains were known as kill zones.

⦁ WICKED is determined to find the cure for the plague that affects millions, and if children die because of that research, it is all in a day’s work.

⦁ Teresa realizes she has no choice and that WICKED has no choice; indeed...

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