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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Carrera doing at the opening to Chapter 44?
(a) Stalking Alex and Joanna.
(b) Working out in his gym.
(c) Swimming in the ocean.
(d) Talking to Chelgrin on the phone.

2. What does Peterson tell Carrera via the phone?
(a) That the KGB has decided not to let Chelgrin stay in politics.
(b) That the KGB wishes Carrera to return to Russia.
(c) That Joanna Rand must be kept from leaving Japan.
(d) That Joanna Rand is on her way to London.

3. What does Alex do after he breaks Carrera's grip on him?
(a) Runs to the basement.
(b) Goes upstairs.
(c) Runs into a storm room.
(d) Runs back to the kitchen.

4. What does Alex hear coming from a closed door he has found?
(a) Gun shots.
(b) Four men talking.
(c) Joanna screaming.
(d) Rock music.

5. What does Joanna grab from a nearby tray?
(a) A syringe.
(b) A scalpal.
(c) An IV bottle.
(d) A wrench.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Alex so uneasy about the inn where they stopped?

2. What does Joanna confirm about Rotenhausen?

3. What does Joanna do when Rotenhausen unstraps her?

4. Why is Marlowe concerned about his employment?

5. What does Joanna tell Inamura?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Alex and Joanna's hotel room and what might this suggest to the reader?

2. Who does Joanna find when she goes to look for Alex? What does she learn from him? What theme might be suggested by the encounter?

3. How do Alex and Joanna leave London and what happens that surprises Alex? What does this make him suspect?

4. Where does Alex go after he wakes up and what happens there?

5. How might a reader respond to what is going on with Alex and what is the evidence to suggest that Alex and Joanna are being manipulated?

6. How does Alex feel about the inn where they stop and what does it make him wonder? What type of theme might his situation bring up?

7. Where is Peterson in Chapters 53-59, what does he witness, and what might the reader wonder about him because of his behavior?

8. What does the hypnosis session do in the novel as far as narrative technique is concerned?

9. What is happening with Alex that might be similar to what was going on with Joanna? What might the reader wonder because of this?

10. Who is Peterson and how was he involved in the entire situation?

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