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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joanna tell Inamura?
(a) That the window is a picture rather than a window as she had thought originally.
(b) That she does not want to go any further with remembering.
(c) That the window is blackened out.
(d) What she sees outside the window in her dream and what is in the room.

2. What does the caller tell Chelgrin?
(a) Where and when to meet a secret contact.
(b) That Lisa is dead.
(c) That Chelgrin is to pull out of politics.
(d) That Lisa is looking for Chelgrin.

3. What was Alex's nightmare about the night they spent in the inn?
(a) Doctors and Rio.
(b) Wayne being killed in the hospital.
(c) Joanna running from him.
(d) Joanna lying on a steel operating table.

4. Why do Alex and Joanna decide to go to San Moritz?
(a) To subject Rotenhausen to the same treatment that he did to Joanna.
(b) To break into Rotenhausen's laboratory, and find any files on Joanna they can to prove what he did to her.
(c) To kill Rotenhausen.
(d) To confront Rotenhausen.

5. To whom does Alex thinks the place he is belongs?
(a) Peterson.
(b) Carrera.
(c) Thomas Chelgrin.
(d) Rotenhausen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alex think as he enters a library?

2. How is Alex finally able to kill Carrera?

3. What does Joanna suggest to Mariko?

4. What does Peterson tell Carrera via the phone?

5. What does Inamura do to get Joanna to overcome the post-hypnotic suggestion?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Joanna reveal under hypnosis about Herr Doktor? How does Alex feel hearing it and what does his reaction suggest to you?

2. What happens to Alex and Joanna's hotel room and what might this suggest to the reader?

3. By Chapter 42, how do you think the reader feels about Thomas Chelgrin. How does the character actually turn out?

4. Who does Joanna find when she goes to look for Alex? What does she learn from him? What theme might be suggested by the encounter?

5. How does Alex feel about the inn where they stop and what does it make him wonder? What type of theme might his situation bring up?

6. What does the hypnosis session do in the novel as far as narrative technique is concerned?

7. Why did Peterson do what he did and what theme does it touch upon again?

8. What happens to Joanna and Alex when they arrive in St. Moritz? What does Peterson have to do with it and what might a reader be wondering at this point?

9. What is Carrera ordered to do when Joanna leaves Japan? How does he feel about the orders? What does his thoughts evoke in the reader?

10. How might a reader respond to what is going on with Alex and what is the evidence to suggest that Alex and Joanna are being manipulated?

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