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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom does Alex thinks the place he is belongs?
(a) Thomas Chelgrin.
(b) Carrera.
(c) Rotenhausen.
(d) Peterson.

2. What happens the night they arrive at their destination?
(a) They are accosted by Carrera.
(b) They miss their flight to England.
(c) They make love for the first time.
(d) They are arrested on a trumped-up charge.

3. What does Joanna receive?
(a) A letter at the front desk from Carrera.
(b) A phone call from Chelgrin.
(c) A letter slid under the motel room door.
(d) A phone call from Peterson.

4. What does Joanna do when Rotenhausen unstraps her?
(a) Begins saying her line from The Demolished Man.
(b) Unplug his mechanical hand and jumps off the bed.
(c) Falls to the floor.
(d) Starts screaming.

5. What happened to the real Thomas Chelgrin?
(a) He died in the war.
(b) He was killed in the prisoner camp.
(c) He was sent to Russia.
(d) There never was a Thomas Chelgrin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alex do in response to the nightmare he had?

2. What awakens Joanna the next morning after her second session with Inamura?

3. Why did Chelgrin allow Lisa to be brainwashed?

4. What do they find in Chelgrin's room?

5. What makes Alex so uneasy about the inn where they stopped?

Short Essay Questions

1. What else do they discover while Lisa is under hypnosis?

2. Who approaches Joanna and Alex immediately in London? What might the reader wonder and what does the person say that alleviates concern?

3. Who is Peterson and how was he involved in the entire situation?

4. What bad decision does Rotenhausen make and how does Joanna use it to save herself?

5. Who does Joanna find when she goes to look for Alex? What does she learn from him? What theme might be suggested by the encounter?

6. Why did Peterson do what he did and what theme does it touch upon again?

7. What does Chelgrin know about his daughter and what does he seem to feel about her?

8. What is Carrera ordered to do when Joanna leaves Japan? How does he feel about the orders? What does his thoughts evoke in the reader?

9. Where does Alex go after he wakes up and what happens there?

10. How do Alex and Joanna leave London and what happens that surprises Alex? What does this make him suspect?

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