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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Alex's nightmare about the night they spent in the inn?
(a) Joanna lying on a steel operating table.
(b) Joanna running from him.
(c) Wayne being killed in the hospital.
(d) Doctors and Rio.

2. What does the woman do who comes into Joanna's room in the hypnotic remembering?
(a) The woman tells Joanna to be a good girl.
(b) The woman tries to help Joanna escape.
(c) The woman binds Joanna's hands and feet.
(d) The woman gives Joanna a shot.

3. What does some of what Chelgrin has to tell Alex have to do with?
(a) The situation in the Middle East.
(b) The political situation in the United States.
(c) The Russians.
(d) The Germans.

4. What does Joanna confirm about Rotenhausen?
(a) That is the same Herr Doktor from her dreams.
(b) That Rotenhausen speaks with a Russian accent even though he is dressed as a German soldier.
(c) That her father, Senator Chelgrin, used to meet with this man in the United States.
(d) That she recognizes him as someone who broke into her room in Jamaica.

5. What does Alex do with it after he finds his gun?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Fires a shot.
(c) Puts it in his back pocket.
(d) Pulls out the ammunition cartridge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the woman in the room where Joanna wakes up after being kidnapped laugh when she tells Joanna her name?

2. What does Herr Doktor do when he comes in the room?

3. What is Carrera doing at the opening to Chapter 44?

4. What does Joanna suggest to Mariko?

5. What awakens Joanna the next morning after her second session with Inamura?

Short Essay Questions

1. What bad decision does Rotenhausen make and how does Joanna use it to save herself?

2. Who is Peterson and how was he involved in the entire situation?

3. What does Chelgrin know about his daughter and what does he seem to feel about her?

4. What is Carrera ordered to do when Joanna leaves Japan? How does he feel about the orders? What does his thoughts evoke in the reader?

5. How is the theme of romance explored in Chapters 42-44?

6. What does the hypnosis session do in the novel as far as narrative technique is concerned?

7. How might a reader respond to what is going on with Alex and what is the evidence to suggest that Alex and Joanna are being manipulated?

8. What does Inamura use to free Joanna of the compulsion?

9. How does Alex feel about the inn where they stop and what does it make him wonder? What type of theme might his situation bring up?

10. Who approaches Joanna and Alex immediately in London? What might the reader wonder and what does the person say that alleviates concern?

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