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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to the real Thomas Chelgrin?
(a) He died in the war.
(b) There never was a Thomas Chelgrin.
(c) He was killed in the prisoner camp.
(d) He was sent to Russia.

2. Why is Marlowe concerned about his employment?
(a) Carrera's threats.
(b) He is not making enough money.
(c) He thinks it might be illegal.
(d) He didn't get a promotion he wanted.

3. Where do Joanna and Alex go?
(a) To a local museum to meet Chelgrin.
(b) To the police.
(c) To a local museum to meet Peterson.
(d) To a local museum to meet Carrera.

4. What is Mariko hesitant about?
(a) Becoming romantically involved with a foreigner.
(b) About Joanna pursuing the truth of her background.
(c) Singing for the club and still being able to do her managment duties.
(d) Finding a singer that is as good as Joanna.

5. What does Inamura do to get Joanna to overcome the post-hypnotic suggestion?
(a) He is unable to overcome the original suggestion.
(b) He gives her an answering sentence to her sentence.
(c) He lets her work through it herself.
(d) He hypnotizes her again and gives her a different suggestion.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Alex finally able to kill Carrera?

2. What do Joanna and Alex have to do after they rent a car to leave England?

3. How does Alex respond to the Herr Doktor's activities?

4. What does Alex do after he breaks Carrera's grip on him?

5. What does a woman do to Joanna after she wakes?

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