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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alex tell Joanna about on the way back to the Moonglow?
(a) About his first marriage.
(b) About his time in Viet Nam.
(c) About his time in Korea.
(d) About Thomas Chelgrin.

2. What happens when Joanna calls the number of the insurance company that issued the life insurance check?
(a) The number is out of service.
(b) The company verifies Joanna's claim.
(c) The records are destroyed after seven years.
(d) The company never existed.

3. What does Joanna's private physician decide?
(a) To have a psychiatrist come to the apartment and evaluate Joanna.
(b) That she is okay to stay in her apartment that night.
(c) To check her in to a mental hospital.
(d) To admit her to the hospital.

4. Of what does Omi Inamura warn Joanna?
(a) That she will probably become very distraught.
(b) He does not usually conduct hypnosis in the first session.
(c) He does not warn her of anything.
(d) That she cannot stop the memories once they start.

5. What sets Joanna into a terrible panic attack?
(a) Alex telling a joke about a doctor and a hypodermic syringe.
(b) Seeing a hospital.
(c) Telling Alex she is from England.
(d) Seeing a man with one arm at the castle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alex tell Mariko to tell Wayne?

2. When a man seems to be getting too close to Joanna, what happens?

3. How many other cases besides that of the missing Lisa Chelgrin has Alex been unable to solve?

4. Where does the phone number on the lawyer's letter ring?

5. Who does Joanna think is the cause of the attack?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has happened to Wayne Kennedy and how is he reacting to it?

2. When does Alex next see Joanna and what does he try to do at first?

3. What does Joanna have when she gets back in her apartment and what do you think might be the reason?

4. What does Alex tell Joanna about love and how does she feel about his assertions? What might this conversation establish for the reader?

5. What happens to Joanna that might suggest she is Lisa? What do you think it might mean?

6. What does Alex do at the hospital, who does he call, and what does he tell that person?

7. What do Alex and Joanna do after eating lunch?

8. What do you think the episode with Wayne shows about the people who kidnapped Lisa?

9. What nightmare awakens Joanna at the beginning of the novel and what does she do when she gets up?

10. What does Joanna finally decide about her nightmares and why do you think Alex agreed to help?

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