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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom does Alex thinks the place he is belongs?
(a) Carrera.
(b) Peterson.
(c) Rotenhausen.
(d) Thomas Chelgrin.

2. What do Alex and Joanna buy at a department store?
(a) Clothes.
(b) Umbrellas and a knife for Joanna.
(c) A present for Chelgrin from Joanna.
(d) Stuff for disguises.

3. What happened to the real Thomas Chelgrin?
(a) He was killed in the prisoner camp.
(b) He died in the war.
(c) He was sent to Russia.
(d) There never was a Thomas Chelgrin.

4. Where do Joanna and Alex take a train to?
(a) Tokyo.
(b) Hiroshima.
(c) Beijing.
(d) Nagasaki.

5. What happens the night they arrive at their destination?
(a) They make love for the first time.
(b) They miss their flight to England.
(c) They are arrested on a trumped-up charge.
(d) They are accosted by Carrera.

6. What does Alex throw at Carrera?
(a) A rock.
(b) His gun.
(c) An iron skillet.
(d) A brass lamp.

7. What do they find in Chelgrin's room?
(a) Chelgrin is there but says they are in danger and all three must leave London.
(b) A letter of apology to Joanna but no Chelgrin.
(c) Nothing.
(d) His body and a letter of apology to Joanna.

8. What does Peterson tell Alex and Joanna will happen now that the parties involved are all dead?
(a) They will be safe.
(b) The Russians will come for them.
(c) They will have to change their identities.
(d) The CIA will keep close tabs on them.

9. How is Alex finally able to kill Carrera?
(a) Throws him off a cliff.
(b) He breaks his neck.
(c) Gunshot to the heart.
(d) Fractured his skull with a tire iron.

10. Where does Alex find his gun?
(a) In the desk.
(b) Behind a book on the floor.
(c) Under an easy chair.
(d) On the window sill.

11. What does Chelgrin insist that Lisa undergo?
(a) The brainwashing technique again.
(b) A test to determine where her loyalties lay.
(c) Cosmetic surgery and the brainwashing technique.
(d) A forced relocation to Russia.

12. What does a woman do to Joanna after she wakes?
(a) Gives her a pill.
(b) Puts an I.V. in her.
(c) Takes off her clothes.
(d) Gives her an injection.

13. What does the caller tell Chelgrin?
(a) That Lisa is dead.
(b) That Chelgrin is to pull out of politics.
(c) That Lisa is looking for Chelgrin.
(d) Where and when to meet a secret contact.

14. What does Alex do after he breaks Carrera's grip on him?
(a) Runs to the basement.
(b) Goes upstairs.
(c) Runs back to the kitchen.
(d) Runs into a storm room.

15. What does Joanna do when Rotenhausen unstraps her?
(a) Falls to the floor.
(b) Unplug his mechanical hand and jumps off the bed.
(c) Starts screaming.
(d) Begins saying her line from The Demolished Man.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what condition does Rotenhausen expect Joanna to be?

2. What wakens Joanna and Alex the first morning in London?

3. What happens when Inamura tries to get Joanna to remember her life as Lisa Chelgrin?

4. What does Joanna grab from a nearby tray?

5. What happens to Marlowe's apartment when he enters and turns on the light?

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