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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Joanna and Alex take a train to?
(a) Beijing.
(b) Tokyo.
(c) Hiroshima.
(d) Nagasaki.

2. What do Alex and Joanna buy at a department store?
(a) Clothes.
(b) A present for Chelgrin from Joanna.
(c) Stuff for disguises.
(d) Umbrellas and a knife for Joanna.

3. What do they find in Chelgrin's room?
(a) Nothing.
(b) A letter of apology to Joanna but no Chelgrin.
(c) Chelgrin is there but says they are in danger and all three must leave London.
(d) His body and a letter of apology to Joanna.

4. Who is Anson Peterson?
(a) A CIA plant.
(b) Chelgrin's contact.
(c) Carrera's boss.
(d) Chelgrin's aide.

5. Why is Marlowe taking so much care driving home in London?
(a) Someone is following him.
(b) It is snowing.
(c) The fog is very thick.
(d) There is an ice storm.

6. Where do Joanna and Alex go?
(a) To a local museum to meet Peterson.
(b) To a local museum to meet Chelgrin.
(c) To the police.
(d) To a local museum to meet Carrera.

7. What does Chelgrin insist that Lisa undergo?
(a) A forced relocation to Russia.
(b) The brainwashing technique again.
(c) A test to determine where her loyalties lay.
(d) Cosmetic surgery and the brainwashing technique.

8. In what condition does Rotenhausen expect Joanna to be?
(a) Screaming from a nightmare.
(b) Drugged.
(c) Wide awake.
(d) Beaten up.

9. What happens when Inamura tries to get Joanna to remember her life as Lisa Chelgrin?
(a) Joanna can remmber much, but not all of her growing up.
(b) Joanna cannot remember anything.
(c) Joanna can remember her entire growing up.
(d) Joanna can only vaguely remember her mother.

10. What does Alex do with it after he finds his gun?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Fires a shot.
(c) Puts it in his back pocket.
(d) Pulls out the ammunition cartridge.

11. What does Alex do after he breaks Carrera's grip on him?
(a) Runs into a storm room.
(b) Runs back to the kitchen.
(c) Goes upstairs.
(d) Runs to the basement.

12. What is Carrera doing at the opening to Chapter 44?
(a) Working out in his gym.
(b) Talking to Chelgrin on the phone.
(c) Swimming in the ocean.
(d) Stalking Alex and Joanna.

13. What does Inamura do to get Joanna to overcome the post-hypnotic suggestion?
(a) He is unable to overcome the original suggestion.
(b) He hypnotizes her again and gives her a different suggestion.
(c) He gives her an answering sentence to her sentence.
(d) He lets her work through it herself.

14. What does Thomas Chelgrin tell Lisa was the name of the program he was in from Russia?
(a) Echo.
(b) Doppelganger.
(c) Twins.
(d) Mirror.

15. What does Joanna tell Inamura?
(a) That the window is a picture rather than a window as she had thought originally.
(b) What she sees outside the window in her dream and what is in the room.
(c) That she does not want to go any further with remembering.
(d) That the window is blackened out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alex hear coming from a closed door he has found?

2. Why do Joanna and Alex go to a residential section of London when they are driving their rental car?

3. How does Rotenhausen die?

4. What does Carrera fantasize about Joanna Rand?

5. What does Alex learn from a contact at his firm?

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