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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alex hear coming from a closed door he has found?
(a) Gun shots.
(b) Four men talking.
(c) Rock music.
(d) Joanna screaming.

2. When they arrive at the hotel, about what does Alex have a premonition?
(a) That Chelgrin is dead.
(b) That the KGB has an agent in the lobby.
(c) That Peterson is in the lobby.
(d) That Chelgrin means to doublecross them.

3. What does a woman do to Joanna after she wakes?
(a) Gives her an injection.
(b) Takes off her clothes.
(c) Puts an I.V. in her.
(d) Gives her a pill.

4. Who is Anson Peterson?
(a) A CIA plant.
(b) Chelgrin's contact.
(c) Carrera's boss.
(d) Chelgrin's aide.

5. What happened to the real Thomas Chelgrin?
(a) He died in the war.
(b) He was sent to Russia.
(c) He was killed in the prisoner camp.
(d) There never was a Thomas Chelgrin.

6. What does Alex do with it after he finds his gun?
(a) Fires a shot.
(b) Puts it in his back pocket.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Pulls out the ammunition cartridge.

7. What is Mariko hesitant about?
(a) Becoming romantically involved with a foreigner.
(b) Finding a singer that is as good as Joanna.
(c) Singing for the club and still being able to do her managment duties.
(d) About Joanna pursuing the truth of her background.

8. What does Herr Doktor do while Joanna is still under the influence of the drug?
(a) Molests her.
(b) Repeats her new life's history over and over.
(c) Takes her pulse and blood pressure.
(d) Reads children's stories to her.

9. What is Carrera doing at the opening to Chapter 44?
(a) Stalking Alex and Joanna.
(b) Swimming in the ocean.
(c) Working out in his gym.
(d) Talking to Chelgrin on the phone.

10. Where does Carrera find Alex after Alex escapes from him?
(a) Hiding in the woods.
(b) In the kitchen.
(c) In the storm room.
(d) Under the truck.

11. Where do Joanna and Alex go?
(a) To the police.
(b) To a local museum to meet Chelgrin.
(c) To a local museum to meet Peterson.
(d) To a local museum to meet Carrera.

12. What does Joanna confirm about Rotenhausen?
(a) That she recognizes him as someone who broke into her room in Jamaica.
(b) That is the same Herr Doktor from her dreams.
(c) That Rotenhausen speaks with a Russian accent even though he is dressed as a German soldier.
(d) That her father, Senator Chelgrin, used to meet with this man in the United States.

13. In what condition does Rotenhausen expect Joanna to be?
(a) Wide awake.
(b) Screaming from a nightmare.
(c) Beaten up.
(d) Drugged.

14. What does Alex do after he breaks Carrera's grip on him?
(a) Goes upstairs.
(b) Runs back to the kitchen.
(c) Runs to the basement.
(d) Runs into a storm room.

15. What does Carrera do to the woman who is at his house?
(a) Gives her secret correspondence to take to Russia.
(b) Gives her new identity papers.
(c) Has abusive sex.
(d) Strangles her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Joanna when she wakes after being kidnapped?

2. How does Rotenhausen die?

3. What does the woman do who comes into Joanna's room in the hypnotic remembering?

4. What does Chelgrin insist that Lisa undergo?

5. What has Peterson been doing?

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