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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joanna receive?
(a) A letter slid under the motel room door.
(b) A letter at the front desk from Carrera.
(c) A phone call from Peterson.
(d) A phone call from Chelgrin.

2. What does Herr Doktor do when he comes in the room?
(a) Just stands and looks at Joanna.
(b) Slaps Joanna's face to see if she is still awake.
(c) Gives Joanna another injection.
(d) Hypnotizes Joanna.

3. Why do Alex and Joanna decide to go to San Moritz?
(a) To kill Rotenhausen.
(b) To confront Rotenhausen.
(c) To break into Rotenhausen's laboratory, and find any files on Joanna they can to prove what he did to her.
(d) To subject Rotenhausen to the same treatment that he did to Joanna.

4. Why is Marlowe taking so much care driving home in London?
(a) There is an ice storm.
(b) Someone is following him.
(c) It is snowing.
(d) The fog is very thick.

5. Where does Alex go to get a new license plate for the rental car?
(a) To a shopping center.
(b) He gets one from an old contact.
(c) To the Motor Vehicle Department.
(d) He doesn't need a new license plate.

6. What does Alex do after he and Joanna are told to meet Chelgrin at his hotel?
(a) He pays the local man to go to the hotel and pretend to be Alex.
(b) They follow the local man immediately.
(c) He calls Chelgrin first.
(d) He takes Joanna back to their hotel first.

7. What does Alex hear coming from a closed door he has found?
(a) Gun shots.
(b) Joanna screaming.
(c) Four men talking.
(d) Rock music.

8. What does the caller tell Chelgrin?
(a) That Lisa is looking for Chelgrin.
(b) Where and when to meet a secret contact.
(c) That Lisa is dead.
(d) That Chelgrin is to pull out of politics.

9. How does Rotenhausen die?
(a) Gunshot wound.
(b) Broken neck.
(c) Bleeds out from a neck wound.
(d) Heart attack.

10. What do Joanna and Alex have to do after they rent a car to leave England?
(a) Shake a tail.
(b) Find a map.
(c) Call Chelgrin.
(d) Find a weapon.

11. Where does Carrera find Alex after Alex escapes from him?
(a) In the storm room.
(b) Hiding in the woods.
(c) Under the truck.
(d) In the kitchen.

12. Where is Joanna when she wakes after being kidnapped?
(a) Chained in a basement.
(b) In her father's hotel room.
(c) Tied up on a kitchen floor.
(d) Strapped to a hospital bed.

13. How is Alex finally able to kill Carrera?
(a) Gunshot to the heart.
(b) He breaks his neck.
(c) Throws him off a cliff.
(d) Fractured his skull with a tire iron.

14. What does Alex do with it after he finds his gun?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Puts it in his back pocket.
(c) Fires a shot.
(d) Pulls out the ammunition cartridge.

15. What does Alex think as he enters a library?
(a) It seems very familiar.
(b) It shouldn't be there.
(c) There are no books on the shelves.
(d) It looks ransacked.

Short Answer Questions

1. When they arrive at the hotel, about what does Alex have a premonition?

2. What does Peterson tell Carrera via the phone?

3. What does Joanna suggest to Mariko?

4. What awakens Joanna the next morning after her second session with Inamura?

5. What is odd about Herr Doktor?

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