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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joanna tell Inamura?
(a) That the window is a picture rather than a window as she had thought originally.
(b) That she does not want to go any further with remembering.
(c) That the window is blackened out.
(d) What she sees outside the window in her dream and what is in the room.

2. When they arrive at the hotel, about what does Alex have a premonition?
(a) That the KGB has an agent in the lobby.
(b) That Peterson is in the lobby.
(c) That Chelgrin is dead.
(d) That Chelgrin means to doublecross them.

3. How is Alex finally able to kill Carrera?
(a) Gunshot to the heart.
(b) He breaks his neck.
(c) Fractured his skull with a tire iron.
(d) Throws him off a cliff.

4. About what does Marlowe think he needs to do concerning his employment?
(a) Getting the promotion.
(b) Finding out who is behind Carrera.
(c) Looking for anothrer job.
(d) Carrera undermining his authority.

5. What does Peterson tell Alex and Joanna will happen now that the parties involved are all dead?
(a) They will be safe.
(b) The Russians will come for them.
(c) The CIA will keep close tabs on them.
(d) They will have to change their identities.

6. Who is Anson Peterson?
(a) A CIA plant.
(b) Chelgrin's contact.
(c) Carrera's boss.
(d) Chelgrin's aide.

7. How does Alex respond to the Herr Doktor's activities?
(a) Alex is not listening to this part.
(b) He is resigned.
(c) He is mystified.
(d) He is outraged.

8. Where is Joanna when she wakes after being kidnapped?
(a) Tied up on a kitchen floor.
(b) In her father's hotel room.
(c) Chained in a basement.
(d) Strapped to a hospital bed.

9. What does Herr Doktor say after injecting Joanna with a drug?
(a) He tell Joanna that her father forces him to do this to her.
(b) He tells Joanna that her name is Joanna.
(c) She cannot tell what he is saying.
(d) He does not say anything, but holds up pictures in front of Joanna's face.

10. Why do Joanna and Alex go to a residential section of London when they are driving their rental car?
(a) To find Joanna's sister.
(b) To steal another car.
(c) To see how the British live.
(d) To shake a tail.

11. What does Joanna confirm about Rotenhausen?
(a) That her father, Senator Chelgrin, used to meet with this man in the United States.
(b) That she recognizes him as someone who broke into her room in Jamaica.
(c) That is the same Herr Doktor from her dreams.
(d) That Rotenhausen speaks with a Russian accent even though he is dressed as a German soldier.

12. What do Joanna and Alex have to do after they rent a car to leave England?
(a) Find a map.
(b) Find a weapon.
(c) Shake a tail.
(d) Call Chelgrin.

13. Who is Rotenhausen?
(a) A German soldier who gives Alex a letter.
(b) Chelgrin's head bodyguard.
(c) A Russian KGB agent in the lobby.
(d) Abrilliant scientist who developed a brainwashing technique that was considered revolutionary.

14. In what condition does Rotenhausen expect Joanna to be?
(a) Wide awake.
(b) Beaten up.
(c) Screaming from a nightmare.
(d) Drugged.

15. What awakens Joanna the next morning after her second session with Inamura?
(a) Fear.
(b) A panic attack.
(c) Alex.
(d) Thirst.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Carrera doing at the opening to Chapter 44?

2. What does Carrera do with Alex and Joanna's luggage?

3. Why is Marlowe concerned about his employment?

4. What does Inamura do to get Joanna to overcome the post-hypnotic suggestion?

5. What does a woman do to Joanna after she wakes?

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