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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Senator Chelgrin hire Alex?
(a) Because they are good friends.
(b) Because Alex was in Jamaica at the time.
(c) Because the Jamaican police were useless in finding Lisa.
(d) He does not hire him. Alex volunteers his assistance.

2. What frustrates Joanna so much?
(a) Not knowing why someone would do this to her.
(b) That Alex pushes her to open up her past.
(c) That her father thinks she is dead.
(d) That her father may be the instigator of this.

3. What is the Gion?
(a) A wine grown locally.
(b) Kyoto's entertainment district.
(c) Tokyo's entertainment district.
(d) A special type of Saki.

4. Why does Alex rush to Joanna's room?
(a) She has attempted to kill herself.
(b) She is having a nightmare.
(c) She calls for him.
(d) She is struggling with an intruder.

5. Of what does Joanna assure everyone?
(a) That she will not do such a stupid thing again.
(b) She does not say anything.
(c) That she did not attempt to kill herself; she just got confused.
(d) That she will see a psychiatrist in the morning.

6. Why is Joanna depressed?
(a) At feeling so alone in the world.
(b) About her decision to freeze Alex out of her life.
(c) About the dream she keeps having.
(d) About the finances at the nightclub.

7. Why does Alex know about the missing daughter of the Senator?
(a) He read about it in the newspapers.
(b) His brother was hired to find her.
(c) He was an acquaintance of the Senator.
(d) He was hired to find her.

8. To what does Alex compare Joanna's singing?
(a) A nightingale.
(b) He does not mention her singing.
(c) A songbird.
(d) Some of the greatest jazz singers of the past.

9. When does Joanna have a panic attack?
(a) When she is asked to gvie the address where she grows up.
(b) When she is asked to name her school chums.
(c) When she is asked to give a description of a room.
(d) When she is asked about her coming to Japan.

10. What does Alex attempt to do when conversing with Joanna?
(a) Determine if she might be Lisa Chelgrin.
(b) Convince Joanna to move to the United States and open a nightclub with him.
(c) Learn how she learned to sing so well.
(d) Find out if Joanna is seeing anyone romantically.

11. What is the phone call to Alex about the next morning?
(a) A statement that Alex is about to receive a warning to stay away from Joanna.
(b) His office saying he has to get back to the States immediately.
(c) A plea to leave Joanna alone or they will have to kill her.
(d) The FBI telling him to back off from investigating Joanna.

12. What is required before Joanna can give any more information?
(a) A different approach.
(b) A break because she has been under so long.
(c) A passcode in response to what she says.
(d) Sodium pentathol.

13. What does Mariko suggest?
(a) Traveling to the United States.
(b) Hypnotherapy with Mariko's uncle.
(c) Traveling to England to check out the letters more thoroughly.
(d) Sleeping on the whole thing.

14. What does Joanna say she is doing in the room?
(a) She is strapped to a bed, naked.
(b) She is looking into a machine that flashes red lights.
(c) She is fighting with a large woman.
(d) She is sleeping.

15. What happens when Joanna calls the number of the insurance company that issued the life insurance check?
(a) The records are destroyed after seven years.
(b) The company never existed.
(c) The number is out of service.
(d) The company verifies Joanna's claim.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who joins Alex to sit with Wayne?

2. What does Inamura think is the reason for the panic attack?

3. Of what does Omi Inamura warn Joanna?

4. What is an indication that the man who Alex attacks is a professional?

5. Who does Joanna think is the cause of the attack?

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