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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Inamura next take Joanna in the session?
(a) To describe her favorite school teacher.
(b) To Jamaica where Lisa is kidnapped.
(c) To the room in her nightmares.
(d) To describe the lawyer.

2. Why does Alex not want to rush their relationship?
(a) He thinks it would be deceitful since he is married.
(b) He is in the middle of a divorce.
(c) He wants her to know who she actually is.
(d) He thinks he loves her.

3. When Inamura regresses Joanna to the period before her parents die, how does she describe them?
(a) She is unable to do so.
(b) She can describe her mother but not her father.
(c) She can describe her father but not her mother.
(d) She gives very detailed descriptions.

4. What does Alex attempt to do when conversing with Joanna?
(a) Determine if she might be Lisa Chelgrin.
(b) Find out if Joanna is seeing anyone romantically.
(c) Convince Joanna to move to the United States and open a nightclub with him.
(d) Learn how she learned to sing so well.

5. What reason does Joanna offer Alex for her panic attack?
(a) She says she remembers her father has only one arm.
(b) She tells him about the dream.
(c) She refuses to even discuss it.
(d) She says she does not know what set it off.

6. When Alex is fighting the man, what happens to stop the fight?
(a) The man has a heart attack.
(b) Alex is able to get his gun and shoot the man.
(c) The police pound on the door.
(d) The man cuts Alex with a knife.

7. From where does Chelgrin's daughter disappear?
(a) Bermuda.
(b) Nassau.
(c) Cosumel.
(d) Jamaica.

8. What sets Joanna into a terrible panic attack?
(a) Telling Alex she is from England.
(b) Seeing a man with one arm at the castle.
(c) Seeing a hospital.
(d) Alex telling a joke about a doctor and a hypodermic syringe.

9. Where is Joanna in Chapter 1?
(a) Beijing, China.
(b) Kyoto, Japan.
(c) Tokyo, Japan.
(d) Tahiti.

10. Who calls Carrera?
(a) Alex.
(b) Marlowe.
(c) Wayne.
(d) Mariko.

11. What fascinates Joanna?
(a) How she looks so much like Lisa Chelgrin.
(b) That Alex ends up where Joanna is living.
(c) That someone is going to so much trouble to keep Joanna's identity secure.
(d) That Alex could see the resemblance between her and Lisa since Joanna cannot see it.

12. Why does Senator Chelgrin hire Alex?
(a) Because they are good friends.
(b) Because Alex was in Jamaica at the time.
(c) He does not hire him. Alex volunteers his assistance.
(d) Because the Jamaican police were useless in finding Lisa.

13. What does Joanna tell Alex about the dream?
(a) That she wants to dream it that night and try to figure it out.
(b) That she wants hypnotism to suppress the dream
(c) It is driving her crazy and she has to learn the name of the man she sees in the dream.
(d) That she knows the man is actually her father.

14. What does Alex tell Joanna about on the way back to the Moonglow?
(a) About his first marriage.
(b) About Thomas Chelgrin.
(c) About his time in Viet Nam.
(d) About his time in Korea.

15. To what field does Thomas turn his attention after becoming wealthy?
(a) Missionary work.
(b) Inventing.
(c) Philanthropy.
(d) Politics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Joanna born?

2. What does Joanna say when Inamura first asks her about the name Lisa Chelgrin?

3. After the attack subsides, how does Joanna feel?

4. How can Joanna afford to open a nightclub?

5. What happens as they look at the photos?

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