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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Thomas survive?
(a) A plane crash where everyone else is killed.
(b) Being a prisoner of war in Vietnam.
(c) A train wreck where everyone else is killed.
(d) Being a prisoner of war in WWII.

2. Who does Alex disable by hitting him over the head?
(a) The man who is beating his wife.
(b) The man following him.
(c) The thief who attacks several teens.
(d) The thief who took an elderly woman's purse.

3. Who is waiting for Joanna to start her first set of the night?
(a) Alan Seemore.
(b) Alex Mariko.
(c) Alex Hunter.
(d) Thom Hunter.

4. What proof does the letters Joanna has offer of her past?
(a) An inheiritance and life insurance policy payout.
(b) Letters from a grandmother.
(c) Letters from her mother and father.
(d) Letters from several aunts.

5. Who does Mariko want Joanna to visit?
(a) No one.
(b) Her father.
(c) Her uncle.
(d) Her brother-in-law.

6. To what does Alex compare Joanna's singing?
(a) He does not mention her singing.
(b) A nightingale.
(c) Some of the greatest jazz singers of the past.
(d) A songbird.

7. What happens to Joanna as soon as she is alone in her apartment?
(a) A man comes to see her.
(b) She has a panic attack.
(c) She is attacked by a hooded man.
(d) She throws up several times.

8. What does Kennedy tell Alex about the briefcase?
(a) It fell into a manhole where Kennedy was hit.
(b) It was stolen.
(c) Some men attempted to steal it.
(d) It was smashed beyond repair.

9. What happens when Joanna calls the number of the insurance company that issued the life insurance check?
(a) The number is out of service.
(b) The company never existed.
(c) The company verifies Joanna's claim.
(d) The records are destroyed after seven years.

10. What does Joanna say she is doing in the room?
(a) She is sleeping.
(b) She is fighting with a large woman.
(c) She is strapped to a bed, naked.
(d) She is looking into a machine that flashes red lights.

11. Of whom does Alex suddenly realize Joanna resembles?
(a) His sister-in-law whom he adores.
(b) The daughter of an American senator who went missing years ago.
(c) A woman he dated in college.
(d) A famous movie actress.

12. Why does Alex question the existence of the lawyer?
(a) The lawyer never once contacted Joanna after giving her the inheiritance.
(b) Joanna never actually meets him.
(c) Joanna can offer no specific details though he is a family friend.
(d) The lawyer's language in the letter is not legalese.

13. Who joins Alex to sit with Wayne?
(a) Mariko.
(b) A nurse.
(c) Joanna.
(d) No one.

14. With what is Alex enchanted?
(a) Tahiti.
(b) The Moonglow Lounge and Joanna Rand.
(c) China.
(d) Japan.

15. Where does the phone number on the lawyer's letter ring?
(a) To a private sanitorium.
(b) It is out of service.
(c) To an antique store.
(d) To a pay phone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Kennedy refusing medical assistance?

2. What is happening in Joanna's nightmare?

3. What happens when Joanna decides not to see Alex again?

4. What is Carrera's response to his caller's concerns?

5. What does Alex tell Joanna about on the way back to the Moonglow?

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