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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three, A Puzzle in a Puzzle: Chapters 53-59.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the bellhop come to tell Alex?
(a) That there is a man to see him downstairs.
(b) That the room has to be vacated today.
(c) That there has been an accident downstairs.
(d) That Joanna is downstairs.

2. What wakens Joanna and Alex the first morning in London?
(a) The phone ringing.
(b) The fire alarm.
(c) A pounding on the door.
(d) Jackhammers across the street from their hotel.

3. What do Alex and Joanna buy at a department store?
(a) Stuff for disguises.
(b) Umbrellas and a knife for Joanna.
(c) A present for Chelgrin from Joanna.
(d) Clothes.

4. What sets Joanna into a terrible panic attack?
(a) Alex telling a joke about a doctor and a hypodermic syringe.
(b) Seeing a man with one arm at the castle.
(c) Telling Alex she is from England.
(d) Seeing a hospital.

5. What has Peterson been doing?
(a) Making a plan to take out Alex.
(b) Compiling a list of the states Chelgrin is likely to win in a bid for the presidency.
(c) Gathering information about the Russian spy ring.
(d) Bringing Chelgrin written reports on Lisa every month for twelve years.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of whom does Alex suddenly realize Joanna resembles?

2. What happens when Alex and Joanna start kissing?

3. Who is Anson Peterson?

4. What does Alex learn from a contact at his firm?

5. How does Thomas Chelgrin make his fortune?

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