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Moonglow Lounge

This is a dinner club in Kyoto, Japan that is owned by Joanna Rand. Joanna is also the main performer at the club where she sings jazz every night.

Mechanical Hand

The doctor who wiped Lisa Chelgrin's memory utilizes this object that he designed himself.


Joanna attempts to kill herself with an overdose of these when Alex tells her who she really is.


Alex is able to prove Joanna is Lisa Chelgrin when he compares these.


Joanna sees these objects of Lisa Chelgrin and believes the resemblance is uncanny.

British-Continental Insurance

This is the insurance company that paid out Robert and Elizabeth Rand's life insurance policy.

The Bell and The Dragon

This is a bed and breakfast inn in the English countryside where Alex and Joanna spend the night.

Rotenhausen's House

Alex and Joanna are kidnapped in St. Moritz and taken to this...

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