The Key to Midnight Character Descriptions

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Joanna Rand or Lisa Chelgrin

She is a lounge singer who owns a nightclub in Kyoto, Japan called Moonglow Lounge.

Alex Hunter

He is a private detective who built a multimillion dollar security firm from the ground up.

Thomas Chelgrin or Ilya Lyshenko

He is a Russian who has joined a project code named Mirror.

Herr Doktor or Rotenhausen

He is a German doctor who invented a method by which he could brainwash people.

Anson Peterson/Anton Brokov

He is another Mirror project participant. He is also Thomas Chelgrin's contact regarding Lisa.

Ignacio Carrera

He is a crazy body builder who is also a hired killer for the Russians.

Mariko Inamura

She is Joanna's manager at the Moonglow Lounge. She is a traditional Japanese woman. She is both demure and patient.

Omi Inamura

He is Mariko's uncle and a psychiatrist. Mariko tries for years to get Joanna to...

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