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Michael Collins (Irish author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bill's father was what in his youth?
(a) A drunkard.
(b) A gambler.
(c) A thief.
(d) A womanizer.

2. Do Sam, Ed, and Darlene have a close relationship?
(a) No.
(b) They dont know eachother.
(c) Yes.
(d) Sometimes.

3. What does Sam Perkins want Bill to do in the beginning of chapter 2?
(a) Write an obituary.
(b) Forget the bake off story.
(c) Change all of the office lightbulbs.
(d) Make him a sandwich.

4. Who was Bill's mother?
(a) A woman who committed suicide.
(b) A woman who left her family.
(c) A woman who lives in a retirement home.
(d) A woman who died in childbirth.

5. What is Ronny Lawson wearing when they feature him on the news the first time?
(a) A t-shirt and baseball cap.
(b) A tank top and shorts.
(c) A tshirt and camoflage pants.
(d) A suit with dress shoes.

6. What type of home does Ronny Lawton's estranged wife live in?
(a) An apartment.
(b) A house.
(c) A condo.
(d) A trailer.

7. Where does Ronny Lawton work?
(a) Perkins.
(b) McDonalds.
(c) Burger King.
(d) Dennys.

8. How does Bill's father die?
(a) Suicide.
(b) Murder.
(c) An Accident.
(d) A terminal illness.

9. Where does Bill work?
(a) The Daily Truth.
(b) Burger King.
(c) Smithson Highschool.
(d) Walmart.

10. What does Gretchen do to try and comfort Darlene?
(a) Have a false allergy.
(b) Have a false stroke.
(c) Have a false limp.
(d) Have a false pregnancy.

11. What attitude do the customer's at Ronny Lawton's work have toward him?
(a) They treat him like a celebrity.
(b) They treat him with sympathy.
(c) They treat him like a crimininal.
(d) They are indifferent.

12. What was Bill's grandfather's original name?
(a) Afon.
(b) Isaak.
(c) Vladmir.
(d) Fedar.

13. Who is Charlie?
(a) Ronny Lawton's step father.
(b) Ronny Lawton's dead brother.
(c) Ronny's Lawton's cousin.
(d) Ronny Lawton's dead brother in law.

14. Gretchen is the name of who?
(a) Ed's cat.
(b) Ed's fish.
(c) Ed's dog.
(d) Ed's daughter.

15. What is "Car Theft?"
(a) A codename for an alcoholic drink.
(b) A service Darlene wants to provide.
(c) A gang name.
(d) A diving move.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Ed want Bill to come over for dinner in chapter 5?

2. On what street is the police station located?

3. What word does Ronny have spelled out on the knuckles of his right hand?

4. What is the name of Bill's family's dog?

5. What have the attractions in town been replaced with?

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