Daily Lessons for Teaching The Keepers of Truth

Michael Collins (Irish author)
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

The story opens on the setting of a broken town in the Great Plains. Once the town was prosperous and industrious. The now-abandoned factories used to create things like car parts and refrigerators. Most of the people still living in the town have moved onto jobs in fast food restaurants or are unemployed. The objective of this lesson is to analyze how the culture and society of the town has changed since the closing of the factories.


1) Class discussion: Discuss how the job market has changed in town. What skills were lost and gained when the factories closed?

2) Groups: Break into groups of three or four. Have each group make a list of jobs citizens of the town used to have compared to their current possible occupations. Think about what the men and women did back when the factories were still open and prosperous...

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