The Keepers of Truth Character Descriptions

Michael Collins (Irish author)
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This character inherited a mansion from the patriarch of the family.

Ronny Lawton

This character had a brother who was in the army.

Sam Perkins

This character has owned and run The Daily Truth for 30 years.

Ed Hoskin

This character is a photographer who feels that the quality of his work has gone downhill over the years.

Darlene Hoskin

This character opened a beauty salon in the garage when the economy turned bad.


This character has a son who has two possible fathers.


This character is often neglected by a close family member.

Pete Morris

This character became an officer of the law after graduating school.

Linda Carter

This character dresses very sharply and doesn't fit in with the people of his town.

Ronny's Father

This character is never given a name throughout the story.


This character goes to law school in Chicago.

Bill's Father

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