The Keepers of Truth Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Collins (Irish author)
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Chapter 1

• Bill opens with his "Ode to a Trainee Manager."

• He reflects upon the memories of a town that was once prosperous.

• We find out that Bill works for a small newspaper in town.
• Bill finishes his story about the local bake off.

• Pete Morris calls to report that Ronny Lawton's father is missing.

• Sam tells Bill to pick up on the Ronny Lawton story.

Chapter 2

• Sam scolds Bill over the phone for not jumping on the Ronny Lawton story as soon as it broke.

• Bill calls Pete at the station to get an update on the story.

• Bill searches through the old microfiche cabinet to find information on Ronny Lawton's mother's death.

• Ed develops a ghostly looking yearbook photo of Ronny Lawton.
• Bill finishes his article about Ronny Lawton and calls the typesetter to come get it.

• Bill and Ed agree that there is a body out...

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