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Alexander McCall Smith
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mma Ramotswe tell Mr. Molefelo that Tebogo wants from him now?
(a) Tebogo wants a formal apology.
(b) Tebogo wants nothing from him.
(c) Tebogo wants to meet with him.
(d) Tebogo wants interest on the loan.

2. Mma Ramotswe can be characterized as being smart, practical and __________________.
(a) Funny.
(b) Artistic.
(c) Musical.
(d) Caring.

3. Why does Mma Ramotswe go to the town in #145?
(a) To research a new client.
(b) To buy fresh fruit.
(c) To find Tebogo.
(d) To buy a dress.

4. Where does Mma Ramotswe find out more information about Mr. Tsolamosese?
(a) The hospital.
(b) The old neighborhood.
(c) The City Hall.
(d) The pension office.

5. The man in #119 lives in a flat near _____________________.
(a) Mandela Road.
(b) Barbary Road.
(c) Panyin Road.
(d) Tlokweng Road.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mma Tsolamosese lives near _______________________.

2. What is Mrs. Tsolamosese's reaction to hearing about Mr. Molefelo's actions long ago?

3. What does Mma Ramotswe learn about Mr. Tsolamosese at the location in #93?

4. Whom does Mma Ramotswe visit in the village?

5. Where do Mma Ramotswe and Mr. Matekoni go in Chapter 13?

Short Essay Questions

1. With whom does Mma Makutsi go on a date? What does she learn about him?

2. Who is the new client? Why does she require Mma Ramotswe's services?

3. What is the nature of the newspaper article about Mr. Buthelezi?

4. What elements of Mma Makutsi's boyfriend should make her suspicious but do not?

5. What does Mma Ramotswe suggest that Mr. Molefelo do to repay Mma Tsolamosese in some way?

6. What is Mma Ramotswe's concern about meeting Mma Tsolamosese? Are her fears unfounded?

7. How does Mma Makutsi find students for her new typing school? Is she successful?

8. Describe the reunion of Mr. Molefelo and Mma Tsolamosese.

9. How does Mma Ramotswe go about looking for Mr. and Mma Tsolamosese?

10. What decision must Mma Ramotswe make regarding Mma Makutsi and their new client?

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