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Alexander McCall Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, A Disgruntled Client, and Chapter 16, Mma Ramotswe Gets a Flat Tyre; Mma Makutsi Goes to the Cinema with Mr. Bernard Selelipeng.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mrs. Tsolamosese's reaction to hearing about Mr. Molefelo's actions long ago?
(a) She does not remember him.
(b) She is not angry.
(c) She is pleased.
(d) She is furious.

2. What are the terms of Mma Makutsi's request?
(a) She must allow silent partners.
(b) She must re-pay the money in two years.
(c) She must return to the school to speak to students.
(d) She must create a plaque to be hung in the lobby.

3. What does Mma Ramotswe do while waiting for automotive help?
(a) Looks at photos.
(b) Watches TV.
(c) Reads a book.
(d) Takes a nap.

4. For what does Mma Makutsi ask the person in #63?
(a) Typewriters.
(b) A loan.
(c) Business connections.
(d) A business plan.

5. What does Mma Ramotswe learn about Mr. Tsolamosese?
(a) He is an artist now.
(b) He died several years ago.
(c) He is retired.
(d) He has moved to New York.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Mma Makutsi call regarding her new business idea?

2. How has the person in #51 escaped death?

3. What does Mma think would be a profitable business?

4. How many students does Mma Makutsi get on the first day of advertising?

5. Whom does Mma Ramotswe call for automotive help?

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