The Kalahari Typing School for Men Character Descriptions

Alexander McCall Smith
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Mma Ramotswe - This character was once married to an unkind spouse, and the marriage ended after the death of a baby.

Mma Makutsi - This unmarried character, who cares for a sick brother, is having trouble making ends meet.

Mr. JLB Matekoni - This character, who owns the Tlokweng Road Speedy Motor, has recently suffered a debilitating depressive illness.

The Young Apprentice - After being obsessed with women, this character discovers religion in this novel.

The Older Apprentice, Charlie - This character is obsessed with girls, and girls are all this person ever talks about.

Mr. Molefelo - This character wants to find a certain family to repay what was stolen from them.

Mr. Bernard Selelipeng - This character is an employee of the local diamond company and one of the first students at the typing school.

Mr. Buthelezi - This character is a detective who...

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