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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Catiline do after he leaves the Senate?
(a) Go see his wife.
(b) Go to Manilus.
(c) Go to Spain.
(d) Begin to raise an army in Rome.

2. How does Sallust view the body?
(a) As a weak part of humans.
(b) As a beautiful gift from God.
(c) As a brutal, destructive force.
(d) As the best part of a nation.

3. What does Sallust say allowed Catiline to increase his power?
(a) An uneducated public.
(c) A government that was too large.
(d) A corrupt society.

4. Where does Cicero work?
(a) The Senate building.
(b) In the merchants' section of Rome.
(c) At the Roman Court.
(d) The solicitation Consul's house.

5. What does Sallust say is the result of people wanting their own merits celebrated rather then to record others' merits?
(a) The society became weaker.
(b) People began fighting for recognition.
(c) Celebrities were more imporatant than leaders.
(d) Romans do not have great literature.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Celer do about Catiline?

2. What does Antonio do before the battle with Catiline?

3. Why does Jugurtha easily bribe members of government?

4. What does Catiline do to attract people to his cause?

5. What does Catiline mix for his followers to drink?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is Catiline going with his army and what does Antonio do about it?

2. How does Sallust compare Catlin and Cicero?

3. What does the Senate hear about Manilus and how does it affect Rome?

4. Who does Catiline attempt to recruit for allies and how do they respond?

5. What do Catiline's followers want to do with Cicero?

6. What does Cicero ask of the Gauls and why?

7. What happens when Cicero takes the conspirators to the Senate?

8. Who does Catiline attract people to his cause and what kind of people does he attract?

9. What did Cicero do when he uncovered Catiline's plans and how did this stymie Cataline's plans?

10. What does Cicero know of Manilos and what does he do about it? What is he told to do about it?

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