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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sallust say people should not do if the government is corrupt?
(a) Vote in the next election.
(b) Use violence.
(c) Give any money to the tax collectors.
(d) Start peaceful rebellions.

2. What does Jugurtha persuade the people of Vacca to do?
(a) Burn Zama.
(b) Attack Marius.
(c) Invite Romans under false pretenses and kill them.
(d) Trap Metellus.

3. What does Publius Scipio tell Jugurtha?
(a) Trying to get power illegally will ruin him.
(b) He is not Roman so he is not subject to their laws.
(c) He should run for a Senate position.
(d) He can help Jugurtha become rich.

4. How does Sallust present the Roman army in the beginning?
(a) As an undisciplined army of brutes.
(b) As brutal and incompetent.
(c) As a precise professional force.
(d) As well meaning but ineffectual.

5. Why does Memmuis stir up the public?
(a) He is planning to run for office.
(b) He has little trust of nobles.
(c) He is being paid to do it.
(d) He wants money.

6. What does Rome's feelings about Metellus motivate him to do?
(a) Withdraw back to Rome.
(b) Ask for more money.
(c) Plan for Jugurtha's assassination.
(d) Keep attacking Jugurtha.

7. Why does Adherbal deliver a speech to the Senate?
(a) To raise money.
(b) To warn them about Micipas.
(c) To ask for Jugurtha's arrest.
(d) To ask for help to defeat Jugurtha.

8. What does Metellus do with his soldiers when he retreats?
(a) Has them scrounge the countryside.
(b) Begins to drill them even harder.
(c) Sends them back to Rome.
(d) Allows them to rest.

9. What does Jugurtha tell Annius he wants to do?
(a) Surrender.
(b) Take over Rome.
(c) Rule Numidia in peace.
(d) Marry his sister.

10. What does the Senate give Metellus after he is elected?
(a) Head of a powerful Senate committee.
(b) Numidia.
(c) Head of the civil service.
(d) The province of Gaul.

11. How does Jugurtha motivate his troops to fight against the Romans?
(a) By appealing to their anger.
(b) By threatening their families.
(c) By reminding them they have conquered the Romans before.
(d) By offering high pay.

12. What does Micipas tell his two biological sons when he is on his deathbed?
(a) To learn from Jugurtha.
(b) To keep any power from Jugurtha.
(c) To follow Rome's laws.
(d) To kill Jugurtha.

13. What does Jugurtha tell his troops are one of their main advantages against the Romans?
(a) They have better weapons.
(b) They are fighting for their civil rights.
(c) They are larger men.
(d) They know the land.

14. How did the Africans under Micipas view Jugurtha?
(a) He was very popular.
(b) He was not known.
(c) He was feared.
(d) He was hated.

15. What does Jugurtha figure out about Romans and wealth?
(a) They are not much interested in wealth.
(b) It is very easy to have wealth in Rome.
(c) They value wealth over their country.
(d) Wealthy people are not allowed in the Senate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jugurtha bribe Romans?

2. Who is the heir the the Numidian throne after Jugurtha?

3. What does Jugurtha do when Metellus marches past his ambush?

4. To what office do the Roman people elect Quintin Metellus?

5. What does the Senate tell Adherbal to do after their representative in question #127 returns?

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