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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jugurtha do against Metellus's army?
(a) Attacks the entire army.
(b) Runs from it.
(c) Small ambushes.
(d) Tries to subvert it from within.

2. What type of government does Sallust say could bring about a change?
(a) Dictatorship.
(b) Communism.
(c) Democracy.
(d) Monarchy.

3. What does Jugurtha do to Hiempsal?
(a) Set him up as the head of the government.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Have him assassinated.
(d) Send him to the Roman Senate.

4. Why does Jugurtha bribe Romans?
(a) To get a seat in the Senate.
(b) To build his popularity.
(c) To get his brother arrested.
(d) To get an army.

5. What does the Senate tell Adherbal to do after their representative in question #127 returns?
(a) To hand over all the territory to Jugurtha.
(b) They don't tell him anything.
(c) To come to Rome.
(d) To resign Cirta and talk to Jugurtha.

6. What does Jugurtha tell Annius he wants to do?
(a) Surrender.
(b) Take over Rome.
(c) Rule Numidia in peace.
(d) Marry his sister.

7. What does Publius Scipio tell Jugurtha?
(a) He should run for a Senate position.
(b) Trying to get power illegally will ruin him.
(c) He can help Jugurtha become rich.
(d) He is not Roman so he is not subject to their laws.

8. What does the Senate do after the affair with Annuis?
(a) Send Albiuis to Numidia.
(b) Tell Jugurtha to return once again to Rome.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Send Antonio to Numidia.

9. How does Jugurtha motivate his troops to fight against the Romans?
(a) By reminding them they have conquered the Romans before.
(b) By threatening their families.
(c) By appealing to their anger.
(d) By offering high pay.

10. What does the Senate decide to do about Adherbal's request?
(a) To send a Roman governor to Numidia.
(b) To arrest Jugurtha.
(c) Divide Numidia between him and Jugurtha.
(d) To investigate Micipas's decree.

11. What does Metellus offer Bohumilcar as a bribe?
(a) A home in Rome.
(b) A pardon for murdering Massiva.
(c) A lifetime position in the government.
(d) Five gold pieces.

12. Why don't the Roman representatives get to speak to Adherbal?
(a) He refuses to see them.
(b) He is dead.
(c) He has returned to Rome.
(d) He is trapped in Cirta.

13. Where does Marius retreat to when attacked by Jugurtha?
(a) To Thala.
(b) To Rome.
(c) To Cirta.
(d) To the hills.

14. What does Jugurtha figure out about Romans and wealth?
(a) They value wealth over their country.
(b) It is very easy to have wealth in Rome.
(c) They are not much interested in wealth.
(d) Wealthy people are not allowed in the Senate.

15. What does Jugurtha do after Annuis' officers leave their posts?
(a) Surround Annuis.
(b) Leaves for his capiol.
(c) Surrender himself.
(d) Burn down Suthul.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Micipas tell his two biological sons when he is on his deathbed?

2. What does Jugurtha ask of King Bocchus?

3. What does Sallust say people should not do if the government is corrupt?

4. Why does Memmuis stir up the public?

5. What type of public positions, according to Sallust, are not desired by public servants?

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