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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jugurtha think the Romans are likely to do with him?
(a) Take away his position.
(b) Execute him or enslave him.
(c) Put him in prison.
(d) Make him pay for all his damages.

2. Where does Metellus leave his prisoners and his baggage?
(a) Zama.
(b) Vacca.
(c) Thala.
(d) Cirta.

3. What does Sallust say is how Europeans view Africa?
(a) As a barbarian continent.
(b) As part of Europe.
(c) As being owned by Rome.
(d) As being peopled by immoral societies.

4. Why does the Senate send Calpurnius to Numidia?
(a) To arrest Jugurtha.
(b) To kill Jugurtha.
(c) To take over the country.
(d) To set up a trial for Jugurtha.

5. Why does Sallust say he is writing this book?
(a) He wants to be famous.
(b) Because he was told to by the Senate.
(c) Because he wants to make some money.
(d) Because Jugurtha had a great effect on Roman society.

6. What does the Senate give Metellus after he is elected?
(a) Head of the civil service.
(b) Numidia.
(c) The province of Gaul.
(d) Head of a powerful Senate committee.

7. How does Sallust present the Roman army in the beginning?
(a) As brutal and incompetent.
(b) As well meaning but ineffectual.
(c) As a precise professional force.
(d) As an undisciplined army of brutes.

8. What does Micipas tell his two biological sons when he is on his deathbed?
(a) To keep any power from Jugurtha.
(b) To kill Jugurtha.
(c) To follow Rome's laws.
(d) To learn from Jugurtha.

9. What does Jugurtha do after Annuis' officers leave their posts?
(a) Surrender himself.
(b) Leaves for his capiol.
(c) Burn down Suthul.
(d) Surround Annuis.

10. What does Metellus tell Jugurtha he must hand over before peace talks can commence?
(a) All his men and elephants.
(b) His inheritance.
(c) All his treasure in Cirta.
(d) His son as a hostage.

11. What does Marius do after the elections?
(a) Resign from public life.
(b) Gather an army and head to Numidia.
(c) Go after Metellus.
(d) Take his place in the Senate.

12. To where does Adherbal escape with his soldiers?
(a) Cirta.
(b) Numidia.
(c) Rome.
(d) France.

13. What does Jugurtha do when he hears of Metellus's character?
(a) Prepares to fight him.
(b) Offers him a bribe.
(c) Offers his surrender.
(d) He immediately goes to Turkey.

14. What type of investigation begins in Rome after Annuis returns?
(a) One that finds out what happened to Adherbal.
(b) They investigate what the people of Numidia want.
(c) No investigation takes place.
(d) An investigation into the corruption among nobles.

15. What does Metellus bribe Bohumilcar to do?
(a) Bring him Jugurtha.
(b) Tell the Senate Metellus has won.
(c) Kill Jugurtha.
(d) Tell the Senate Jugurtha is dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Publius Scipio tell Jugurtha?

2. What does Jugurtha do against Metellus's army?

3. What does Adherbal manage to do when he is caught in Cirta?

4. Why does Adherbal deliver a speech to the Senate?

5. Where does Micipas send Jugurtha to fight?

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