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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the Romans give to King Masinissa?
(a) A seat in the Senate.
(b) A standing army.
(c) A number of medals.
(d) Cities and land.

2. What does the Senate give Metellus after he is elected?
(a) Numidia.
(b) Head of the civil service.
(c) Head of a powerful Senate committee.
(d) The province of Gaul.

3. To whom does Micipas want to hand over his power?
(a) To one of his sons.
(b) To Cicero.
(c) To Jugurtha.
(d) To Masinissa.

4. What does Adherbal manage to do when he is caught in Cirta?
(a) Repel Jugurtha's attack.
(b) Deliver a message to Rome.
(c) Kill Jugurtha.
(d) Get to Rome himself.

5. How does Jugurtha motivate his troops to fight against the Romans?
(a) By threatening their families.
(b) By offering high pay.
(c) By reminding them they have conquered the Romans before.
(d) By appealing to their anger.

6. What does Jugurtha do against Metellus's army?
(a) Small ambushes.
(b) Runs from it.
(c) Attacks the entire army.
(d) Tries to subvert it from within.

7. Who does the Senate send to speak with Jugurtha?
(a) Julius Caesar.
(b) Antonio.
(c) Marcus Scaurus.
(d) Cicero.

8. Where does Marius retreat to when attacked by Jugurtha?
(a) To Cirta.
(b) To Rome.
(c) To the hills.
(d) To Thala.

9. How does Sallust present the Roman army in the beginning?
(a) As an undisciplined army of brutes.
(b) As brutal and incompetent.
(c) As well meaning but ineffectual.
(d) As a precise professional force.

10. What does Jugurtha do once the Senate has made its decision on Numidia?
(a) Kills some of the Senators who opposed him.
(b) Happily settles down.
(c) Assassinates Adherbal.
(d) Provokes Adherbal into a war.

11. What does the Senate decide to do about Adherbal's request?
(a) To arrest Jugurtha.
(b) To investigate Micipas's decree.
(c) Divide Numidia between him and Jugurtha.
(d) To send a Roman governor to Numidia.

12. What does Publius Scipio tell Jugurtha?
(a) He should run for a Senate position.
(b) Trying to get power illegally will ruin him.
(c) He can help Jugurtha become rich.
(d) He is not Roman so he is not subject to their laws.

13. What plan of Marius does Metellus scupper?
(a) Becoming a general.
(b) Being elected to the Senate.
(c) Ruling Numidia.
(d) Becoming a consul.

14. What does Rome's feelings about Metellus motivate him to do?
(a) Ask for more money.
(b) Plan for Jugurtha's assassination.
(c) Withdraw back to Rome.
(d) Keep attacking Jugurtha.

15. What does Jugurtha do to Hiempsal?
(a) Have him assassinated.
(b) Set him up as the head of the government.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Send him to the Roman Senate.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are people reaching powerful positions?

2. Why does Memmuis send Lucius Cassius to Numidia?

3. What kind of welcome does the public give Metellus when he returns to Rome?

4. What does Sallust say is Metellus's primary character trait?

5. Why does Memmuis stir up the public?

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