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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Adherbal first do in response to Jugurtha burning villages in his territory?
(a) Gives Jugurtha the territory he has burned.
(b) Declares war.
(c) Sends ambassadors.
(d) Kills Jugurtha.

2. What does Metellus tell Jugurtha he must hand over before peace talks can commence?
(a) His son as a hostage.
(b) All his men and elephants.
(c) His inheritance.
(d) All his treasure in Cirta.

3. To where does Adherbal escape with his soldiers?
(a) Rome.
(b) Cirta.
(c) Numidia.
(d) France.

4. What plan of Marius does Metellus scupper?
(a) Being elected to the Senate.
(b) Becoming a general.
(c) Becoming a consul.
(d) Ruling Numidia.

5. What does Memmuis do about Jugurtha?
(a) Embarrasses the Senate into a response.
(b) Praises Jugurtha's arrest.
(c) Prosecutes Jugurtha when he is brought back to Rome.
(d) Becomes the new king of Numidia.

6. What does Sallust say is Metellus's primary character trait?
(a) Obedience.
(b) Honor.
(c) He's immoral.
(d) Intelligence.

7. Why does Jugurtha send his best men to Zama?
(a) He is fortifying against Antonio.
(b) It is where most of their families live.
(c) His money is stored in Zama.
(d) Metellus plans to attack that city.

8. What does Adherbal manage to do when he is caught in Cirta?
(a) Repel Jugurtha's attack.
(b) Deliver a message to Rome.
(c) Kill Jugurtha.
(d) Get to Rome himself.

9. What does Rome's feelings about Metellus motivate him to do?
(a) Withdraw back to Rome.
(b) Plan for Jugurtha's assassination.
(c) Ask for more money.
(d) Keep attacking Jugurtha.

10. What does Marius do after the elections?
(a) Resign from public life.
(b) Go after Metellus.
(c) Gather an army and head to Numidia.
(d) Take his place in the Senate.

11. What does Sallust say people should not do if the government is corrupt?
(a) Give any money to the tax collectors.
(b) Use violence.
(c) Start peaceful rebellions.
(d) Vote in the next election.

12. What does Jugurtha tell Bomilcar to do?
(a) Return to Numidia.
(b) Have Massiva return to Numidia.
(c) Assassinate Lucius Cassius.
(d) Kill Massiva.

13. What does Publius Scipio tell Jugurtha?
(a) Trying to get power illegally will ruin him.
(b) He can help Jugurtha become rich.
(c) He is not Roman so he is not subject to their laws.
(d) He should run for a Senate position.

14. What group of people founded Hippo?
(a) The Phoenicians.
(b) The Persians.
(c) The Greeks.
(d) The Romansm.

15. What does the Senate decide to do about Adherbal's request?
(a) To send a Roman governor to Numidia.
(b) To investigate Micipas's decree.
(c) To arrest Jugurtha.
(d) Divide Numidia between him and Jugurtha.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Metellus feel about Marius becoming a consul?

2. What does Jugurtha do with his army?

3. What does the Senate do after the affair with Annuis?

4. How does Metellus attempt to provoke Jugurtha?

5. What does the Senate decide is the reason Bocchus fights with Jugurtha?

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