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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sallust say he is writing this book?
(a) Because he wants to make some money.
(b) He wants to be famous.
(c) Because Jugurtha had a great effect on Roman society.
(d) Because he was told to by the Senate.

2. What does Sallust say about men's lives and fate in Chapter I-XII?
(a) Fate does not exist.
(b) Nothing can overcome fate.
(c) Fate is in the hands of the Gods.
(d) Too many men allow fate to control their lives.

3. Who does the majority of the people support in the Jugurthine War?
(a) Micipas.
(b) Jugurtha.
(c) Hiempsel.
(d) Adherbal.

4. What does Metellus bribe Bohumilcar to do?
(a) Tell the Senate Jugurtha is dead.
(b) Kill Jugurtha.
(c) Tell the Senate Metellus has won.
(d) Bring him Jugurtha.

5. What type of public positions, according to Sallust, are not desired by public servants?
(a) Those that are high paying.
(b) Those that are low paying.
(c) Those that require intelligence.
(d) Those that are dangerous.

6. What does Metellus tell Jugurtha he must hand over before peace talks can commence?
(a) All his men and elephants.
(b) His son as a hostage.
(c) All his treasure in Cirta.
(d) His inheritance.

7. What does Jugurtha do to Hiempsal?
(a) Have him assassinated.
(b) Send him to the Roman Senate.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Set him up as the head of the government.

8. What does Metellus do with his soldiers when he retreats?
(a) Sends them back to Rome.
(b) Begins to drill them even harder.
(c) Allows them to rest.
(d) Has them scrounge the countryside.

9. What does Publius Scipio tell Jugurtha?
(a) Trying to get power illegally will ruin him.
(b) He should run for a Senate position.
(c) He is not Roman so he is not subject to their laws.
(d) He can help Jugurtha become rich.

10. Why does Memmuis stir up the public?
(a) He is being paid to do it.
(b) He has little trust of nobles.
(c) He wants money.
(d) He is planning to run for office.

11. What does the Senate give Metellus after he is elected?
(a) Head of a powerful Senate committee.
(b) The province of Gaul.
(c) Numidia.
(d) Head of the civil service.

12. Why does Jugurtha send his best men to Zama?
(a) Metellus plans to attack that city.
(b) It is where most of their families live.
(c) His money is stored in Zama.
(d) He is fortifying against Antonio.

13. How does Metellus feel about Marius becoming a consul?
(a) He has no opinion.
(b) He thinks he is too young.
(c) He is delighted with the idea.
(d) He does not have a high enough standing.

14. How does Jugurtha get a better deal from the Senate?
(a) Blackmails some powerful members.
(b) Increases his bribes.
(c) Gives a more passionate speech.
(d) Marries the emperor's daughter.

15. When does Marius decide to attack Jugurtha?
(a) When Jugurtha makes a run for Gaul.
(b) When his troops are asleep.
(c) After Jugurtha returns to Zama.
(d) After resting for a week.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Memmuis do about Jugurtha?

2. Why does the Senate send Calpurnius to Numidia?

3. To where does Adherbal escape with his soldiers?

4. What type of government does Sallust say could bring about a change?

5. How does Sallust present the Roman army in the beginning?

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